Posted: George Hancock Jr. | April 21, 2015

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Use Amazon Local to Plan Your Next Vacation


It seems like Amazon's strategy is to put their logo in front of everything we buy, online and off. It's in our homes, via Dash Button. It's in our electronic devices, via Amazon's apps. It's in our earphones via Amazon Music and it's planning to start landing on our lawns. Starting today, you'll find it when you search for a hotel online. It hasn't been a player in the online vacation shopping game before, but that is changing.

Amazon Local Destinations is aimed at travelers looking for a short-term vacation. At the site, you can browse 150 hotels in 3 major markets, which are L.A., New York and Seattle. The idea is to let vacationers in those areas find hotel deals nearby. You can book hotel rooms at their regular price or find packages and discounts, and you can expect more locations to be added soon if the demand for Amazon Local Destinations is deemed worthy.

The goal, according to Tech Crunch, is to help travelers easily plan and book local trips. Since more than 40% of all U.S. domestic vacations are for 1-3 nights, the focus starts with destinations near the aforementioned metro areas. Since Amazon Local is a Groupon competitor, Local Destinations should feel like a cross between Expedia and Groupon.  That's part of the idea behind making things easy. Deals can be an incentive to make decisions.

The site is already set up to allow user reviews, which has become an important feature for e-shoppers. If the site gains its footing, those of us who aren't in major cities will get a chance to find local vacation deals. But, do we rely on Amazon enough already? If you live near the following destinations and you're due for a short vacation, try Amazon Local Destinations and tell us how you like it.

  • The Adirondacks
  • Catskills
  • The Hamptons
  • Jersey Shore
  • NYC
  • Cascades
  • Portland
  • Puget Sound
  • Washington Coast
  • Seattle
  • Palm Springs
  • Santa Barbara
  • Central Coast of California
  • Southern California Mountains
  • L.A.



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Written by George Hancock Jr.

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