Posted: George Hancock Jr. | June 26, 2015

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An App-Backed Discount Store Truck from Amazon Is Roaming Seattle


What do you get when you combine Groupon-esque discounts, an app similar to Uber and a box truck? Amazon's Treasure Truck is the answer. It's a big cubical truck with bright signage and scrolling LED panels, and it's Amazon's latest adventure into your neighborhood, into your workplace and into the future. OK, it may be the future or it may be little more than a publicity tactic. Either way, it's something we've never seen before.

"It's a fun, interactive experience that provides access to highly desirable products, many of which they can't find anywhere else or are only available in the limited quantity that the truck holds," said an Amazon spokesperson. Shop around in the Treasure Truck category in the Amazon Mobile app. Then choose a time and location where you'll pick up your purchase from the truck. The locations are pre-determined. You can't pick anywhere you want, but the truck stops in high-traffic areas, so many people will have easy access.

The deals you'll find in the Treasure Truck section of the app are magnificent. Well, at least the current deals are. Amazon says there is no range of discount percentages to expect in the future. It will vary. At the website you'll find that the current deals consist of an inflatable paddle board for $99, a 70% discount. There's also a deal on porterhouse steaks, a beach cruiser bike and a glass candle holder. I don't know if the diversity of those items is experimental or not, but the Treasure Truck sells it all.

The truck only roams Seattle, for now. It may be a good advertisement, stopping at busy locations around the city, but it's probably an attempt to solve a big problem. Big box stores like Walmart and Target are planning to begin pickup services for nearby shoppers. Those stores have locations all over the country. Amazon has far fewer distribution centers. On the other hand, Treasure Truck is something nobody has just yet.


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Written by George Hancock Jr.

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