Posted: George Hancock Jr. | October 27, 2015

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Subscribe to Craft & Rare to Get Groupon-like Discounts on Exotic Liquors

This post is for the adventurous among us, not the man who prefers to drink Bud Light each time he craves an adult beverage. Don't take this the wrong way. It's cool with me if you like Bud, but move along if you don't wish to experience new alcoholic flavors.

According to Tech Crunch, the liquor drinker's newfound hero may be the founder of Craft & Rare, a subscription-based online liquor vendor that carries some hard-to-find spirits and provides heavy discounts of up to 50% (when you take their free shipping into consideration). A yearly subscription costs $79. Do the math and you'll find you can save a lot of money if you happen to serve or consume drinks regularly.

You won't find Jack Daniels or Jose Cuervo at Craft and Rare. That's why I chose "exotic" to include in the headline. As you might expect, the well-known names in the liquor industry don't need to offer deep discounts just yet. Craft and Rare carries many liquors you probably haven't heard of, some of which are very pricey. Take this bottle of Dragones; it's going for $295 at C&R right now, which means its usual MSRP is probably upwards of $375. Don't let that deter you from the site, though. There are plenty of liquors that go for average and affordable prices.

The key benefits for Craft & Rare subscribers are availability and price. You'll find liquors that aren't going to appear in your local liquor shop at great prices. It's kind of like finding a local beer from Denver in your New York beer shop, but at a discount and, obviously, shipped to you. After a few minutes of browsing I found liquors from several countries, some I would never see in an ABC store (the government-managed liquor stores in North Carolina). The way I see it, you can justify the subscription fee with just two or three purchases, due to the discounts. So go for it if you like liquor!



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Written by George Hancock Jr.

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