Posted: George Hancock Jr. | May 19, 2015

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Rdio Select: 25 Songs on Hard Drive, Cheaper Than Spotify Premium

Are you sick and tired of dealing with the limitations of your streaming music service? Maybe Rdio Select will put your mind at ease. The new option has some divergent features. How does Rdio Select, for $3.99 per month with the first 60 days free, compare?

With Rdio Select, you can...

  • Play as much radio as you want, and skip songs as many times as you want, even on mobile devices. Apps are on the way for Roku, Chromecast and Sonos.
  • Keep 25 songs on your hard drive, for offline listening. New downloads replace old ones automatically. There is a 25 download per day limit.
  • Get playlists from bands like Mumford and Sons and from Rolling Stone Magazine. Also, get daily playlist recommendations from Rdio.
  • Get 320 kbps sound. That's the same you get with Spotify Premium, which costs $10 a month. (Currently, there is a 3-month Spotify trial for $.99 on offer)
  • Avoid ads on mobile devices.

The sound isn't as good as the 1411 kbps you get from Tidal HiFi, for $19.99 a month, and you can't store unlimited songs on your hard drive like you can with other streaming services. However, Select will only cost you about 40% of what Spotify Premium costs and 20% of what Tidal HiFi costs.

You might be asking "Why is this so special?" Well, it fills what might be the only remaining niche in the streaming market, right between unlimited downloads with no ads and free plans with ads and limitations. Spotify Free lets you skip songs as many times as you wish on your PC, but limits skips and won't let you play whatever song you choose on mobile devices (you can only play artists' songs in 'shuffle" mode). Select won't bug you with ads on mobiles, but does play them on PCs. You get the benefit of being able to download 25 songs, but you don't pay as much as you would for unlimited downloads. If you don't need to fill your hard drive with songs, it might suit you. Select serves a niche but it's a niche in a huge, busy market. What do you think? Is Rdio Select right for you?




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Written by George Hancock Jr.

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