Posted: George Hancock Jr. | March 5, 2015

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PCH Retail Solutions Company Acquires Fab


Unknowingly, you may have purchased a product that went through PCH's hands at one point or another. The San-Francisco-based company provides everything from product design and manufacturing to packaging and fulfillment. Some of the products PCH helps with are sold in brick and mortar stores, while others are sold online. From this point forward, some of those products will be channeled directly through, which is now owned by PCH.

In around 4 years, Fab has been re-purposed once. It was created in the form of a social network for gay men before being turned into  an online retailer of trendy accessories and household products. Its latest purpose will remain, but the platform by which those trendy products arrive on the website will change.

PCH is the company that manages an incubation lab called "Highway 1". Inventors apply to Highway 1 after they've created a prototype product. If they're accepted, Highway gets the product ready for retail by providing all of the necessary answers regarding manufacturing, packaging and other needs. Now, some of those products will go straight to So, PCH will be a part of products' journies from idea to sale in some cases. That's what business calls "vertical integration". In this case, it's complete, from top to bottom.

We don't yet know what kinds of products will appear on Fab in the future. They may be typical of the Fab brand or we might see a shift in what it offers. Since PCH's products tend to be more techy than what you typically see at, the two entities will have to reconcile that. One will have to start dealing in new types of products. Fab may start to look a little different, at least in terms of the stuff you see for sale. However, don't fret if you're a Fab fan. Highway 1 has developed some really nifty products. Most of them look cool and trendy, to boot.

Meanwhile, Fab's founder, Jason Goldberg, is leaving his company. He will be investing in his new venture, the online furniture store Hem.


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Written by George Hancock Jr.

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