Posted: George Hancock Jr. | June 4, 2015

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Free Shipping for Light Items under $10 from Amazon


The media attention Amazon got when they began offering free same-day shipping to Prime members wasn't enough to convince them that they would remain the most visible e-retail giant in the Western Hemisphere, with the greatest advantages over competitors. Whether you believe Amazon is that dominant or not, it's likely that you're going to stick with them if you're already a user. Just to make sure, its leaders decided to add another perk for all of us. Not just prime members, but all of Amazon's many visitors will receive free shipping on items that weigh less than eight ounces and cost less than $10.

Prime members receive free same-day shipping in major metro areas. Shoppers in some of those areas are eligible for Prime Now, which enables them to get their goods in a couple of hours, or one hour if they pay an extra $7.99. So, there shouldn't be any cannibalization of the Prime service.

Don't expect everything to work out just yet, says CNN. The program hasn't been fully implemented. We don't know when all products meeting the cost and weight requirements will lose their shipping fees. For now, there are a number of products that don't trigger those fees; "thousands" of items, says an Amazon spokesman. It may not be easy to find what you want and avoid the costs right now, though. And there is another catch, perhaps not a short-term one, for non-Prime members. They'll have to wait five to seven days to get their lightweight goods.

It's no surprise that Amazon is doing this. The company is notorious for slashing profits just to keep ahead in terms of market share. It has been largely successful in doing so, and that makes Amazon attractive for shoppers and sellers alike. Yes, Amazon is staying quite competitive in the face of Walmart and Target, who are also reducing their shipping costs. The question is "how many more concessions can it afford?"


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Written by George Hancock Jr.

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