Posted: George Hancock Jr. | April 14, 2015

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Amazon X-Ray Is a Movie Buff's Dream and It's Great for Music Fans Too


You're in your living room one night, watching Stars Wars. You start to laugh as Han Solo refers to his furry sidekick as "fuzzball". You start to wonder something. As much as you'd like to believe that Chewie is a real creature, you know there's an actor underneath all of that fur. Who played Chewie?? If you're watching with a Kindle or Fire TV Stick, you have access to one of the more convenient ways to answer that question. It's called X-Ray.

If you're like me and you don't own a recent kindle (a recent model) or Fire TV stick, here's what you do. Just wait until the next time you have a question about actors on screen at a particular time, the song playing in the background or the name and release date of the movie you're watching. Let's use the Chewbacca and Han Solo example. Press pause (or click "up" on the Fire TV remote) during the "fuzzball" scene. Then navigate to actor information and learn that the much-loved Chewie was played by Peter Mayhew. You can thank for the info, because X-Ray gets all of its facts from there. Click the trivia tab to learn all kinds of mostly useless information about your favorite movies. You can also click the music tab and view all of the music in a film's soundtrack, and then click a song to play its corresponding scene in the film. Just remember, if you're watching a movie that isn't quite mainstream, it may not have been "fitted" with all of the information yet.

X-Ray is also useful for music lovers who use Amazon Music. Like Spotify's lyrics feature, X-Ray displays the lyrics of any song you play in Amazon Music, and scrolls as the song moves forward. It's almost like a karaoke machine.

X-Ray gives Amazon a strong competitive advantage because it makes their products a bit more attractive to movie buffs and music nerds. That gives Amazon a useful tool in their battle against Spotify.


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Written by George Hancock Jr.

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