Easily Sell Goods from Alibaba.com in Your Bigcommerce Shop

By: George Hancock Jr.  |  April 8, 2015


If you’ve ever thought about tapping into the gigantic sea of inexpensive Chinese-manuactured products, you might find that this information is exciting and/or interesting. Alibaba, the Chinese B2B (mostly) and B2C e-commerce network, and Bigcommerce, the online store solutions company, have teamed up to deliver an integrated shopping experience for sourcing products from Alibaba.com’s extensive network of Chinese wholesale suppliers. About 300 of Alibaba.com’s gold suppliers will be first to serve any of Bigcommerce’s thousands of retailers who want in on the deal. There will be about 30,000 products available through those gold suppliers, at first.

The application, which was developed by Alibaba and Bigcommerce, together, gives sellers access to a catalog of wholesale suppliers in a secure and familiar interface so merchants can quickly find and select new products to sell online. Products in the apparel, automotive, beauty, consumer electronics and jewelry categories will be available, as Alibaba stated in the following list of important points about the app.

  • Integrated search, customized for eCommerce merchants. A tailored search experience enables Bigcommerce merchants to quickly browse and purchase products in five distinct categories proven to sell well online: apparel, automotive, beauty, consumer electronics and jewelry.
  • Transparent purchasing from suppliers. Complete product information allows merchants to quickly access pertinent details like pricing, availability and minimum order requirements, as well as supplier contact information and ratings. At launch, Bigcommerce’s 70,000 merchants will have access to about 300 Gold Suppliers on Alibaba.com, hand-selected for meeting strict quality and customer support standards.
  • Customized pricing with lower order minimums. Merchants will have the option to select wholesale pricing based on fastest delivery time or lowest possible price.
  • Payment protection. Online merchants can source knowing that all orders placed via the Alibaba.com Wholesale App are backed by Alibaba.com’s Secure Payment services, guaranteeing risk-free and secure transactions for all parties.

This advancement in Alibaba’s offerings marks a step further towards its complete dominance of online supplier sales as Amazon and eBay have started to show signs of backing off to focus on B2C business. Fitting, right? China still produces most of the world’s stuff.