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In 2002, Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers opened for business. Evident in its company name, it focuses on rehabilitation from substance abuse for adolescents-both men and women ages 13 to 18. With a variety of programs that implement the 12-step recovery model, Visions facilities are located in Malibu, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica, California.

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The Good

  • Residential and outpatient programs
  • Additional programs
  • Support for aftercare patients
  • Recovery model

Residential and Outpatient Programs

VATC offers both residential and outpatient treatment, through which teens recover with family therapy, art therapy, and support groups. It includes supervised onsite detoxification and crisis intervention too. In addition, it learns how to manage stress, anger, personal health, and co-occurring disorders. It receives medical evaluations and help to establish a recovery plan with helpful staff members. VATC is unique in its focus on recovery for teens, not adults. That said, it also offers a day school.

Additional Programs

For 15-18 year olds, VATC offers the Extended Stay Program, which is long-term treatment that addresses mental health. But it doesn't cut off help at age 18. For patients who want help transitioning into adulthood, it has LAUNCH, which provides counseling for 18-24 year olds about how to manage their social life, finances, and more. In a sense, it's extended help so that the stresses of adulthood don't lead to relapses.

Support for Aftercare Patients

VATC strives to support teens even after they've left its recovery program. Through 12-step meetings, continued therapy, and its Visions Alumni Program, it can help past patients stay successful and implement the positive changes they've made to their regular lives.

Recovery Model

One overall positive aspect of VATC is its implementation of the 12-step recovery model. Through this process, teens can get the help of a sponsor and slowly but surely break down barriers, address triggers, and ultimately become stronger.

The Bad

  • Adolescents only
  • Roommates
  • Lack of pricing information

Adolescents Only

One obvious possible con for VATC is that its target patients are adolescents. For adults who need a recovery program, this won't be the right organization.


A downside to the residential program at VATC is that patients have roommates. Rather than getting your own room at the facility, you share a room with someone. That can either be a pro for someone who would appreciate the help and accountability of having a roommate, or it can be a burden for this very personal process of recovery.

Lack of Pricing Information

Furthermore, VATC does not disclose its prices. While this is not altogether uncommon, the lack of pricing information can be troublesome for parents of youth with drug addiction problems-particularly those who need to budget for rehab.

The Bottom Line

For teens who need drug rehabilitation, Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers is a great option. Not only does it provide a variety of programs and helpful services like onsite detox; it caters specifically to teenagers and some young adults. It specializes in helping young people recover from substance abuse and set a positive course for the rest of their lives.

VATC isn't for you if you're an adult in need of recovery, and it may not be a good choice in terms of price or sleeping arrangements. But if the price is worth it to you and you fit the demographic for its typical patient, then they can help. While it doesn't boast a specific success rate, it does acknowledge that success for its patients is most likely to happen when their families are involved and when the patients receive aftercare.

That being said, if its programs and prices meet your needs, getting help for you (or the teenager you know) is possible with a specialized organization like VATC.

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    July 11th, 2016 Colorado Springs, CO

    The Visions program is terrible. I have firsthand experience because I was enrolled for quite some time. I voluntarily chose to put myself through the program and it was one of the worst mistakes I have made. First, if your insurance doesn't pay for it, it will cost a pretty penny. I would also like to clearly state in this review that Vision's is a business. It's main priority is making money. Helping kids get and stay clean and sober is secondary. The website states that the staff to patient ratio is something like 2:1. This is completely false. During my stay there, the ratio was on average the exact opposite. You "supposedly" receive individualized counseling and therapy, but that is completely untrue as well. All of the boys share a counselor and all of the girls share a different counselor. The counselor's rarely make time to see each patient and when they do, it is generally a short conversation lasting no more than ten to twenty minutes. If your/your child's problem doesn't look as bad as the other patients, they will treat you like you are fine and won't give you the services or proper attention that you pay for. They focus their attention on the kids with the most problems, which is completely unfair to the other people. They listen to what you have to say, but offer no valuable insight. Also, all of the kids who are roomed in a house share a therapist. Looking back in my journal, I got to spend about twenty minutes with the therapist about every three days. If you are a parent looking to improve your relationship with your child, this is not the place to send them. They make sure to address problems in your relationship that don't exist. The kids I was surrounded with ended up leaving with a near hatred towards their parents. The only valuable thing I got from Vision's was an introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous. Save the money and look up AA meetings near you. It will also save your relationship with your child. They state they have one of the highest success rates which they can not accurately gauge. Most patients I met there did not stay sober after leaving. A better decision would be to find a week long detox center if needed and introduce your loved one to AA. Vision's doesn't give you anywhere near what you pay for. Like I said, it's a business and they will save money wherever possible.