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Utah Addiction Center is located in Eagle Mountain, Utah. Having earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval for Behavioral Health Care, individuals and families can receive the assistance they need at often half the cost of most private facilities and treatment centers in the area. With a wide range of services, the Utah Addiction Center assist in customized outpatient and residential treatment for depression, anxiety, sexual disorders, substance abuse, and behavioral issues among other addiction and mental illness areas.

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The Good

  • Custom program
  • Emphasis on family therapy and involvement
  • Aftercare

Custom Program

No matter what individuals are struggling with the Utah Addiction Center takes a customized and personalized approach for both outpatient and residential treatment options. Starting first with broad treatment solutions that utilize the traditional 12-step model, psychotherapy, and medical services, the Utah Addiction Center professionals build a plan that utilize a holistic approach to empowering individuals with knowledge, support, and tools to overcome their struggles through primary, extended, and aftercare.

The Utah Addiction Center also believes strongly that family is a key element to long-term success. Family visits and therapy are always encouraged and are an important part of the customized solutions to overcoming addiction and mental illness. Through their methods the Utah Addiction Center has achieved a 97% success rate.

Emphasis on Family Therapy and Involvement

One of the key components of the recovery treatment solutions offered by the Utah Addiction Centers is the incorporation of family therapy and involvement. The Utah Addiction Center understands family involvement in the healing and addiction recovery process is crucial to developing a meaningful support team that can surround the individual and help them achieve both short and long term success.

Family is always encouraged to visit often and participate in helping their loved one overcome their struggles and through relationship classes and education family members will better understand their role in helping their loved ones.


At the Utah Addiction Centers aftercare is one of the most fundamental building blocks apart of the methods used to treat individuals. No matter what an individual was treated for, the Utah Addiction Center helps them develop the ability to achieve long-term, sustained, success by creating the ability for individuals to actively participate in at least 12 months of aftercare. This helps build a pattern of life-long recovery and wellness through aftercare programs consisting of alumni support groups, anytime group sessions for life, at no additional charge, individual therapy sessions with a therapist, for the first year, and random drug screenings to sustain patterns of accountability.

The Bad

  • SMART recovery not available
  • Upfront pricing undisclosed
  • No age/gender-specific services
  • Not CARF-accredited

SMART Recovery Not Available

The SMART recovery system seeks to utilize a self-empowerment group support system that teaches individuals to take charge of their lives to leave addiction and seek change rather than accepting they are powerless and need to turn their lives over to a higher power, like the 12-step and AA programs. At this time the Utah Addiction Centers does not utilize this type of recovery program but instead uses the 12-step program to incorporate the use of a higher power to assist in recovery.

Upfront Pricing Undisclosed

Utah Addiction Centers provides a wide range of services but at this time the pricing for all of these services is not listed without personally contacting the a center. In order to receive full, detailed, pricing, an individual must meet for a consultation and go over admissions criteria. Additional cost information and insurance coverage is also only available in person or over the phone.

No Age/Gender-Specific Services

At this time, Utah Addiction Centers are not age or gender specific but choose rather to apply their programs to all individuals seeking assistance.

Not CARF-Accredited

The Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities International (CARF) is an independent, nonprofit organization that has been accrediting health and human service centers, specifically in behavioral health and opioid treatment programs, since being founded in 1966. Currently, the Utah Addiction Centers are not accredited by the CARF International which has accredited more than 50,000 programs and services over 23,000 locations.

The Bottom Line

Those looking for assistance overcoming both addiction and mental illness can rely on the Utah Addiction Centers for customized care that will heavily involve family therapy and aftercare assistance from past patients both in an in-patient and out-patient environment. Those also seeking to take part in a 12-step based program will also enjoy working with the Utah Addiction Centers.

Individuals seeking a 12-step program alternative, a CARF-accredited center, or an age- or gender-specific center to meet their needs will need to look elsewhere for their addiction and mental illness help.

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