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The Bad

  • Different detox location
  • Lack of online transparency

Different Detox Location

Though they do offer a medically-supervised stable detox, they offer the detox in another location, Boynton Beach, rather than the treatment center in Delray Beach. A lot of patients prefer having the detox location at the same center where they will be receiving treatment for obvious reasons, so the fact that these are separate locations isn't ideal.

Lack of Online Transparency

Unfortunately, Transformations doesn't discuss their success rates or their pricing or insurance information on their website. Without this information, it makes it difficult to determine whether or not this is the appropriate treatment center for you or your loved ones. Because there are no success rates, you won't know whether or not they have successfully turned lives around or even helped clients to kick their addiction for more than six months. Without knowing the pricing or insurance information, you won't know whether you can afford the price of the treatment center (as most are extremely expensive), or whether or not your insurance will cover this treatment.

The Bottom Line

In the end, Transformations has some good aspects to its treatment. Because they are a dual diagnosis treatment center, they are able to offer treatment to those suffering from depression, gambling or sex addictions, trauma and other mental illnesses as well as alcohol and drug addictions. Because they are also accredited by the two top health care accreditation programs, their program is able to provide services determined to have helped.

There are many different treatment programs that Transformations offers, including outpatient programs and alumni programs to help after the program is finished. Unfortunately, their lack of online transparency when it comes to pricing, insurance, and success rates makes it hard to trust whether to not this program would be best for you and your loved ones.

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Shelley B

October 3rd, 2016 Athens, GA

I am writing this review from my perspective as a mother who sent her child Transformations. I know a lot of parents are out here searching desperately for a good treatment center and rely heavily on these reviews. I sent my 24 year old daughter here back in May 2016, she is still there today, almost five months later. My first phone call to Transformations was answered by a young man named Rick. Rick was calm, willing to listen to all of my concerns and was honest in all of his answers. He was never judgmental of anything I shared with him, nor did he paint a rosy picture or give false hope. We both knew it depended on her. I was at my wit's end when I finally called Rick to give him my daughter's flight number. In total frustration I told him that I was making her pack the maximum number of bags that the airline would allow, I couldn't stand living with her anymore and she was not going to be allowed to return home. I told him "you can have her!" Without hesitation and in an very matter of fact manner he said, "that's the best thing I've heard all day, ma'am." He saw right through our situation and knew that I needed to let her go and allow her to figure this out for herself. My daughter chose to be on the Christian track while in in-patient, she thrived in that program. Her one-on-one counselor was Franca and she loved her! Franca kept in touch when needed but did not over-indulge my "need to know" about everything little thing she was doing. Looking back I can see that she was helping my daughter to set boundaries with me (I admit to being co-dependent and am still a work in progress. God bless all the counselors for dealing with us mothers!). It was frustrating at first but we are both reaping the rewards of it now. My daughter thought that the living arrangements were nice at in-patient, she shared a small apartment with other female clients and was responsible for maintaining the home, grocery shopping and meal planning. This was excellent practice for when she left in-patient treatment. The weekdays were spent at the treatment center (a separate building at a totally different address). The clients are taken to the center for morning meetings, taken back to their apartment where she'd prepare herself lunch and then taken back to the center for afternoon sessions. Every weekend was spent doing planned activities, which she seemed to enjoy. Her only real complaint during the in-patient phase was that there were a lot of clients and it could sometimes feel chaotic and noisy. She tends to like quiet and spending time alone so this may not be a problem for all. She hung in there though, knowing that it was short term. When her time in in-patient was ending they took her on tours of different sober living homes she could live in to continue her treatment at Transformations (see their websites for the different phases of treatment, so far it's spot-on with our experience). She chose a home that is run by a man named Joe, this man is an angel walking among us. He is patient, kind, has high expectations of the girls in the house and is not afraid of handing out consequences when needed. My daughter is growing and learning everyday under the care of the Transformations out-patient program, their counseling team, and Joe. She is taking minimal medication and has learned how to calm herself and go to sleep naturally. This may not seem like a big deal but trust me when I say that this is a HUGE deal. The doctor there really cares about her well-being and is not at all interested in over-medicating her, in fact, she's down to taking minimal prescription medications. I feel sad to see the negative reviews and am so sorry that their experience isn't at all what ours has been. Transformations has been a huge blessing to my daughter, not without its hiccups, but I guess that's with anyplace you go. After almost ten years in addiction my daughter is finally beginning to realize that a sober life can actually be fun. I would highly recommend this treatment center to anybody.



Brandon Griffin

June 24th, 2016 Philadelphia, PA

I was at transformations for 30 days. The setup is awesome. Most of the therapist and techs are in recovery, so they understand what youre going through when you get there. Very proffesional approach to whatever your addiction is. First week is tough because you get a little disoriented, plus youre detoxing. After the first week it glides by really smooth. After you leave they give you aftercare recommendations. Its up to you from here. They do check on you every week with a phone call. Totally recommend transformations if you have a problem with addiction...