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The rehab facility at Timberline Knolls is especially unique across the drug rehab industry as it only serves women. The staff at this rehab center understand that unique effect drug addiction (and other issues) can have on women, so they specialize their approach to give the best care possible. Timberline Knolls works to help women and adolescent girls overcome issues like drug addiction, eating disorders, mood disorders, effects from PTSD, and more (along with any combination of those); however, the resort is exclusive to women, and offers no aftercare program (though an alumni program is offered).

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The Good

  • Personalized treatment
  • Most insurance accepted
  • Alumni programs

Personalized Treatment Plan

Each woman who goes through a treatment process at Timberline Knolls will be assigned an individual team who will help her throughout her entire stay (and after). This team will give comprehensive assessments to design the best possible plan for each patron. These treatment plans focus on a variety of areas in the woman's life; physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social. By bringing all of these areas into view, Timberline Knolls works to get to the underlying causes of addictions and bring about true change.

Most Insurance Accepted

Due to the high success rates reported by Timberline Knolls, most insurance companies keep this rehab facility as a preferred provider. This means that Timberline Knolls can accept most major insurance companies and treatment is therefore much more affordable for most patrons. These types of rehab programs and facilities can be very expensive, so any additional help an addict or their support system can get in affording the help can be life-changing.

Alumni Programs

The road to continued sobriety is not always easy after the patron leaves a rehab facility; in fact it is often very difficult. This is why Timberline Knolls has options for their alumni to stay in contact with the staff and other previous patrons in order to have a larger support system. Through this program, alumni can reach out to ask for help in a difficult time or to help others through their own struggles.

The Bad

  • Women-only facility
  • No on-site detoxification

Women-Only Facility

While the thought behind the all-women facility is to be able to create an environment catered specifically to those patron's needs, it still excludes a large number of potential addicts who need help. Timberline Knolls will not be the treatment facility for any addict who is not a woman and therefore leaves out a large portion of the population that needs help.

No On-Site Detoxification

It does not appear that Timberline Knolls offers on-site detoxification for those addicts who come seeking treatment at the facility. This is a critical first step in the process towards recovery and sobriety where the addict will have to get clean from whatever substance they have been abusing in order to begin healing. On-site detoxing is a common practice among the industry as it allows the patron to begin treatment right away.

Not having this option available can potential cause issues for addicts seeking immediate treatment or for their loved ones who may not have many other options.

The Bottom Line

The rehab treatment options offered by Timberline Knolls serve a very specific type of person; an woman with a behavioral issue (addiction, self-harm, eating disorder, etc) who is seeking recovery through a holistic and spiritual approach. This description may only serve a small number of people who are looking for a facility to help them overcome an addiction. But the individualized program used by the Timebrline staff has been proven to work and bring more sobriety to its patrons. Those who go through this process will generally be covered by insurance and not have to worry about the cost of this treatment, which is a huge relief.

Timberline Knolls' comprehensive look into the lives of the women who seek its help is a option that will help addicts find, and overcome, the underlying causes of their disease.

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