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The Kusnacht Practice stems from a lack of treatment options for addicts in Switzerland and a desire to help all struggling get back on their feet. This facility is different than others because of the highly personalized care each patron gets, exclusively one-on-one treatment in order to get to the real root of the issues behind the addiction. This Swiss retreat has had great success in the last decade helping people to overcome addictions and move forward more positively in all aspects of their lives.

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The Good

  • Accommodations
  • Biochemical restoration
  • Family systems therapy 


The residences used by The Kusnacht Practice are highly luxurious with a gorgeous location near the Alps and Lake Zurich. Patrons will enjoy a modern residence that includes a gourmet chef, driver, maid, and butler. These accommodations are above the industry norm and make this treatment option unique.

Biochemical Restoration

The treatment programs offered through The Kusnacht Practice stand out among the industry for more than just the accommodations. Many other treatment facilities work to help the addicts through whatever issues are behind the addictions, which is a very important step in actual recovery. The Kusnacht Practice takes it one step further and uses Biochemical Restoration, which is a process where the biochemical makeup of the patron is tested to find any imbalances. Once these imbalances are corrected, the patron has a better chance of full recovery since they are not dealing with those issues in conjunction with the addiction.

Family Systems Therapy

Addictions affect more than just the addict, it affects the entire support system of that individual. This is why The Kusnacht Practice offers Family Systems Therapy. Each member of the support system will receive individualized counseling and a treatment plan of their own. This allows them to overcome the consequences of the addiction and gives the addict the best chance to remain sober after leaving the treatment facility.

The Bad

  • Inadequate insurance coverage
  • High Costs

Inadequate Insurance Coverage

Since The Kusnacht Practice is located in Switzerland, there is very little of the treatment options that are covered by insurance. This applies to both insurance policies from local and foreign companies. There may be some cases that a part of the treatment is covered but those cases are very rare. A lack of insurance coverage can make treatment through this process very expensive, especially since the cost is so extremely high.

High Cost

Each patron will be given an estimate of the total cost of their treatment before they begin. This practice is very helpful for potential patrons because often the costs are hidden. The potential cost for all of the treatment process will be between $72,500 and $100,000 per week. Often, that is the total cost for the entire treatment process at other rehab facilities. Patrons, or their loved ones, are required to pay for the entire treatment upfront at the beginning of the process. That type of financial burden can be very intimidating for potential patrons of this facility, which is why it is an exclusive center.

The Bottom Line

The treatment that an addict will receive at The Kusnacht Practice is unlike anywhere else across the industry. Patrons will receive exclusive one-on-one treatment and be the sole responsibility of the staff so they can completely focus on that addict's recovery. The living spaces are outfitted with all of the help staff to make the entire experience as relaxing as possible. Treatment plans are catered to each individual but start with comprehensive testing to fix underlying imbalances that may be contributing to the problem. This and other treatment options combine together to work on the full scope of an addiction.

Unfortunately, this type of exclusive treatment comes at a high price that may not be covered by insurance. Patrons will have to weigh the benefits of such a program with the overall cost they will be required to pay as they decide on a treatment plan.

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