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At the Exclusive Hawaii, addicts will work towards recovery and sobriety using a variety of holistic treatments. These plans focus on all areas of the addict's life in order to gain full recovery, including chemical balance, habits, emotions, beliefs, and more. Only a small number of patrons can be housed in the secluded Hawaiian facility in order to better focus and give personalized treatments. The Exclusive focuses on treating the entire addiction, not just the symptoms caused by it.

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The Good

  • Supervised Detox
  • Personalized Treatment Plans
  • Holistic Approach

Supervised Detox

The process that an addict has to go through in order to completely detox from whatever substance they have been abusing can often be a very difficult one. Not only is it emotionally hard on the addict, the withdrawal process can also have some very negative physical side effects. Those side effects can cause major problems, so it can be dangerous for addicts to detox on their own. That is why The Exclusive promotes use of the medically supervised detoxification process offered at their facility. Through this process the addict will have a nurse on hand to monitor their well-being and contact a doctor if necessary.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Since there are so few people going through a recovery program through The Exclusive at a time (only eight total spaces), each addict gets a very personalized treatment plan. Every addiction is different, so the majority of rehab facilities across the industry customize the treatment to each specific circumstance. But the level of personalization is different with The Exclusive solely based on the amount of attention and care each patron can get on a daily basis from the entire staff.

Holistic Approach

At The Exclusive a holistic approach is taken to care for each addict who seeks treatment through the facility. This type of approach focuses on the whole person (and addiction) not just the symptoms and obvious issues. Each patron will undergo comprehensive assessments that will bring all underlying causes to the surface. Then the whole program shows the patron how to overcome these and strengthen each aspect of their mind, body, and spirit. The overall outcome is intended to be a whole person strengthened enough to withstand future temptations. This comprehensive approach is great for true healing, but may not be the right fit for every addict.

The Bad

  • Limited spots available
  • Required upfront payment

Limited Spots Available

The Exclusive lives up to its name as it has such a limited number of places available in the treatment facility. The residence only houses eight patrons at one time, which is a very low number. This is done on purpose to help the staff to really focus in on each individual addict. This can only be a downside if the whole facility is full when addicts decide to begin treatment as they will have to find another facility.

Required Upfront Payment

Many rehab facilities across the industry require some form of payment upfront before the addict can begin the treatment process. This is the policy enforced by The Exclusive, even if the patron will be covered by an acceptable insurance. Those who are covered by insurance will have to pay themselves and then be reimbursed by the insurance company.

It is unclear how much of the total program fee is required before the start of the treatment, but it could be as much as the full amount. That total cost could potentially be very high (there is no estimate given) and may prevent some from choosing this facility for that reason.

The Bottom Line

When addicts decide they are ready to get help with overcoming their addiction, The Exclusive's holistic approach is a way to target the whole being and not just the addiction. Their calming facility combined with this soothing approach would be a great choice for someone who wants to take a more spiritual approach to this recovery process. Unfortunately, the unknown costs, upfront required payments, and large deposit may deter some from choosing this facility.

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