At the Suncoast Rehabilitation Center is just one program for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, called the Narconon Program. With a supposed 76% success rate, this program started very small, with one man, and has since grown to help people in countries all over the world. William Benitez founded this program after finding himself in jail and concluding that many of his struggles in life ultimately stemmed from his drug addiction. The program received its name from the phrase “narcotics none,” becoming a shorthand version of that phrase. Based in Spring Hill, Florida, Suncoast helps all of its patients using this one program. The program includes a medical detoxification, counseling, and treatment that is meant to result in a long-term recovery. At Suncoast, they believe clients can defeat their addictions rather than remaining prey to them unendingly. With a hopeful attitude like this, the company has much to offer.


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The Good

Two qualities stand out about Suncoast’s Narconon Program: personalization and long-term results.

This program is meant to cater to the individual. From detox to follow-up, patients work with professionals to receive the care they need personally and to set goals that will lead to healthier living. In addition, the program is not meant to serve as a get-well-fast station. Rather, professionals work with you to understand the real causes of your addiction so you can tackle the real enemy and stop suffering the ramifications.

The follow features make Suncoast’s rehabilitation program effective and appealing:

  • Onsite detoxification. As a client at the Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, you will have the assurance of onsite detoxification, through which professionals will help you through what can be the most difficult part of rehab. At the designated detox facility, you will be treated with vitamins, oils, and exercise to help get through withdrawal symptoms and clean out your system. This stage of recovery is extremely tough, of course, but it’s an advantage to have this kind of help through it.
  • Holistic approach. The popular 12-step model is not always the preferred or most effective method for addicts. So for those who prefer a different approach, Suncoast can help. Instead of implementing the 12 steps, this facility treats patients holistically and using cognitive behavioral therapy tactics. This might be a breath of fresh air for those who have tried and felt frustrated with the 12 steps. In addition, the fact that the program is holistic indicates an attitude of healing both mind and body. With this program, your body can learn to rely on more natural and balanced treatments to stay well.

This rehabilitation center is focused and driven to help their patients become whole again. With one program and one price, they are a consistent company and have a great history of helping clients through the Narconon Program and onto a more stable life.

The Bad

While it’s appealing that Suncoast’s program is holistic and claims a 76% success rate, there are definitely limitations to it

  • Only one program. Another major limitation to this facility is the fact that they limit clients to a one-size-fits-all program. They offer only the Narconon Program. And despite how successful it may be, some clients prefer different options. After all, every patient is different, so it can be beneficial to have different programs—including different lengths and different pricing options. With Suncoast, you have one price and one type of treatment to choose from. In some ways, this can make you feel shuffled through a treatment and obligated to one price without being able to pay more or less for different accommodations.
  • Non-12-step approach. For those who do prefer the 12-step approach, which might just be popular for a reason, Suncoast won’t deliver. This facility has deliberately taken a different path, albeit a valid one, so their patients can’t expect to use the 12 steps, including a sponsor for aftercare accountability. This is obviously deterring for clients who like that methodology better.

The weaknesses of the Suncoast Rehabilitation Center are primarily related to the options it provides to patients. Because they offer only one program and have opted out of the 12-step methodology, some customers might worry that their treatment would be limited by these factors. In addition, the facility would benefit from getting a bit more accreditation to make itself more trustworthy to new or potential clients.

The Bottom Line

Any rehabilitation facility has its strengths and weaknesses. For Suncoast, its weaknesses lie in the amount of programs they offer and their accreditation. But their strengths help compensate, as the facility tries so hard to cater to individual clients and make their program natural, balanced, and truly healing.

Customers who would not find Suncoast useful are those who do not have private insurance, who would prefer the 12-step methodology, who value healthcare accreditation companies, or who value the choice of more than one program.

On the other hand, if you become a client with Suncoast, you have much to look forward to in terms of the personalized care and consistent methods they use. Consistency and long-term results are important in drug rehabilitation, and Suncoast offers both. While they empathize with the individual’s needs and consider their personal history, they work diligently to give the care and counsel their clients deserve.


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