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Whether you are looking for a high-quality recovery center for yourself or a loved one, Solutions 4 Recover offers excellent recovery services and support. You can receive medical detox services, participate in its residential or outpatient recovery programs.

Programs include individual, group, and family therapy. Solutions 4 Recover takes a comprehensive approach to recovery, so you'll also receive support and develop new habits through yoga, mindfulness, art, exercise, and more.

If you are also dealing with mental health challenges, you can find support and help through Solutions 4 Recovery. It's a leader in dual addiction and mental health treatment in Southern Orange County California.

You also don't have to leave your pet behind when you participate in Solutions 4 Recovery residential program, which means that you can continue to benefit from your pet's companionship and support as you make a big change in your life.

If you're planning an intervention for a loved one, you can work with Solutions 4 Recovery to plan an effective intervention.

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The Good

  • Highly Qualified Staff
  • Holistic, Customized Approach
  • Medical Detox Program
  • Residential Program
  • Outpatient Program
  • Dual Addiction and Mental Health Treatment
  • Pet-Friendly Programs Available
  • Helpful Online Resources

Highly Qualified Staff

Solutions 4 Recovery has highly qualified people ready to help you through recovery. All of its counselors have a Master's degree in family therapy. You'll be matched with the doctors and professionals best suited to your needs, which is another way Solutions 4 Recovery sets you up for success.

Holistic, Customized Approach

Solutions 4 Health supports you through recovery with its customer drug intervention and recovery treatment. Its process includes assessment, medically managed detox, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, family or couples therapy, and follow-up care with recovery group meetings.

Solutions 4 Health also guarantees its program. If you've completed a 90-day program successfully, you can return for a 30-day program if you relapse during the first year. You'll only pay medication and detox-related costs.

Medical Detox Program

Recovery starts with detox. You'll benefit from Solutions 4 Recovery's medical detox program because you'll have support while going through withdrawal and other adverse symptoms. The support and supervision will ensure that your detox is safe and successful. Once the medical detox program is complete, you'll be ready to continue on the road to recovery.

Residential Program

Solutions 4 Recovery's residential program lasts one to six months depending on your needs and the assessment done by Solutions 4 Recovery professionals. The program includes the following therapies:

  • Cognitive behavioral
  • Dialectical behavioral
  • Contingency management
  • Motivation enhanced
  • Group
  • Adjunct (EMDR, acupuncture, medication-assisted)
  • Holistic (yoga, mindfulness, meditation, art)
  • Recreation (exercise, golf, outdoor activities)

The residential program also includes medication management and relapse prevention management.

When you participate in the residential program, you'll have 24-hour support. You'll also benefit from fewer distractions and lower stress which will help you focus on treatment and recovery.

Outpatient Program

Solutions 4 Recovery offers an outpatient treatment program that can be part of your after care. Its program is customizable to your needs. Programs require 9 to 25 hours of participation per week. It includes the following services:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Medication management
  • Continuing addiction education
  • Relapse prevention planning

You'll also have access to professional sobriety coaches throughout the program. The outpatient program is ideal if you've completed Solutions 4 Health's residential program or have a mild or emerging substance use disorder.

Dual Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

Solutions 4 Recovery also offers dual treatment for co-occurring mental health and addiction and is a leading provider of this treatment in Southern Orange County California.

The treatment includes the following:

  • Individual psychodynamic therapy
  • Individual cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Individual dialectic behavioral therapy
  • Integrated group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Medication for mental illness
  • Participation in the 12-step or non-12-step program

Solutions 4 Recovery offers life skills classes and case management social services. It emphasizes aftercare for its dual diagnosis clients.

Pet-Friendly Programs Available

Solutions 4 Recovery also allows clients to bring their pets to provide additional support through the recovery process. Additional fees apply: $2,500 for pets under 15 pounds or $4,500 for pets over 15 pounds.

Your pet must also be covered by your renters or homeowners insurance and be up to date on shots. Solutions 4 Recovery management must also approve your pet's participation.

Helpful Online Resources

Solutions 4 Health offers great resources for people planning an intervention, understanding and identifying symptoms, and tips for supporting someone dealing with addiction.

Many of these resources are found on its blog. Solutions 4 Recovery's intervention method has a 97 percent success rate, which means that getting their support will help you plan a productive intervention to help your loved one or friend.

You can also view pictures of Solutions 4 Health's facilities online, which can help you quickly get a sense of its location and culture. For in-person tours, you can reach out to the Admissions Team.


The Bad

  • Only in Orange County
  • Limited Payment Information Online

Only in Orange County

Solutions 4 Recovery is located in Dana Point, California. It is a great option if you're in Orange County. If you don't live in the area, you'll need to consider other options.

Limited Payment Information Online

Solutions 4 Recovery accepts most major insurances. However, the center will verify your insurance coverage when you apply for services. Solutions 4 Recovery offers limited information online regarding its program costs. This lack of information makes it difficult to know what you'll pay if you do not have insurance coverage.

To learn more about coverage offered by your insurance plan, reach out directly to your insurer. For more cost information, contact Solutions 4 Recovery.


The Bottom Line

Whatever your recovery needs are, Solutions 4 Health offers customized, holistic support and services. With its medical detox program, you'll safely make the first step towards ending your dependence on substances.

Through the residential program, you'll have 24-hour support, benefit from evidence-based therapies, and activities like yoga, art, and exercise. If you have a pet, you can work with Solutions 4 Health to bring your pet with you for additional support.

Participation in the outpatient program is not the same immersive experience as the residential program. However, you'll still benefit from therapy and support from professional sobriety coaches for your recovery.

Solutions 4 Health also offers services to support you if you're working through mental health challenges and addiction recovery. Having the support you need for both of these challenges will help you recover.

If you're in Orange County, Solutions 4 Health is an excellent choice.

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