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The Sober Forever program from Saint Jude's is a new take on addiction recovery that does not treat it as a disease but instead as a negative habitual practice. Instead of looking at recovery as a lifelong pursuit, this facility works to give patrons all of the necessary tools during their stay to never relapse and have complete recovery. With facilities in three different locations, patrons can choose which option will best work for them. Each facility is staffed with addiction professionals who understand the most current research on the subject and how to implement it to help others.

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The Good

  • Unique approach
  • Multiple financing options

Unique Approach

The whole premise of the recovery solutions offered by Sober Forever is that addiction is not a disease and addicts don't need treatment. This is a very unique perspective and view of addictions since most medical facilities now consider addiction a mental health diagnosis. So this thought process may not work for every person who is struggling (or their loved ones). But since it is very different from many companies in the industry, it may help those who have tried several traditional treatment centers and have not found the success they are looking for.

Multiple Financing Options

The cost for any addiction rehab program is very high because of all of the necessary trained professionals involved. Some programs are covered, at least in part, by insurance which can ease the load of the addict or their loved ones. Sober Forever does not work with any insurance companies but does offer some other financing options to help make the financial burden less. Patrons of Sober Forever can also choose from a variety of programs with varying prices to pick the best one for their situation. These options will help the patron to focus on recovery and not on the financial responsibility they will have.

The Bad

  • No aftercare
  • No insurance coverage

No Aftercare

Often after a person who is struggling with an addiction returns to their normal life after attending a recovery program, they can face difficulty not heading right back in the same direction. This is why many facilities offer support programs for alumni and after-care options to keep sobriety the top priority. Sober Forever does not offer one of these programs, but alumni are free to contact any of the staff members at any time. That type of limited, spontaneous support may work for many who have gone through the program but may not be enough for others leading to a relapse.

No Insurance Coverage

The perspective that Sober Forever takes in the addiction recovery process (that addiction is not a disease and patrons don't need treatment) sets them apart from the rest of the industry. This also makes it so that this facility does not work with insurance companies to help patrons (or their loved ones) be able to afford a stay and rehabilitation. Sober Forever explains that it does not work with insurance companies also for the fact that it allows the staff to be able to keep records completely confidential while still complying with the laws. Regardless of the reason, the lack of possible insurance coverage can potential make treatment out of reach.

The Bottom Line

In a very large industry with mostly similar treatment options for those who are suffering from addictions, Sober Forever totally stands out in the way the patrons are helped. This facility does not agree with the statement that addiction is a disease and therefore the entire scope of practice is different. This will ultimately be the main deciding point to whether an addict will want to go through a rehab process at this facility or not. It may be a good place for someone who has tried a traditional treatment center and not been successful. The process used by Sober Forever is also not covered by insurance, which may be a downside for many potential patrons.
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Keith Bless

I read the curriculum book and its all fact and it will save lives. I been to 20 rehabs this will be the new norm for help but its different

3 years ago

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