The SOBA Recovery Center was founded in 2007 by Greg Hannley. With several years of experience in the industry for substance abuse rehabilitation, this company treats both drug and alcohol addictions. It has several locations available for clients to choose from, including a few facilities in California, one in Texas, and another in Mesa, Arizona. There is also an outpatient facility with SOBA in New Jersey. Like many other rehabilitation facilities today, SOBA emphasizes holistic healing. While patients there work with therapists and psychologists to understand the root causes of their addictions, SOBA also provides a variety of physical activities to help heal clients’ bodies too. And since drug addictions affect both the mind and body, both facets of recovery are helpful and necessary.


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The Good

  • Duration
  • Holistic healing


Understandably, SOBA requires that all of its patients commit to a program for at least 30 days, but it recommends that patients stay for 90 days. However, SOBA will still work with clients who can’t complete an entire 90-day cycle or would prefer to stay longer. With the help of SOBA’s therapists, sobriety coaches, and other professionals, patients can receive the help needed to get sober and stay sober. At its core, the company’s goal is to tailor its patients’ recovery programs to what they need.

Holistic Healing

While working with SOBA, patients won’t just attend 12-step meetings and therapy sessions. Of course, these are important elements of recovery and will help patients both understand the causes of their addiction and find support from fellow addicts. But more than that, the SOBA facilities are places where patients can find therapy through music, horseback riding, and art. They can get help with fitness or take on the challenge of a ropes course. There is a healthy variety of activities at SOBA that won’t just help patients heal, but will build confidence and help patients understand more of who they really are.

The Bad

  • Medicated detoxification
  • Limited accreditation
  • Lack of religion

Medicated Detoxification

During the process of detoxification, professionals will monitor patients and administer medications to slowly taper off withdrawal symptoms. For some patients, this is not a negative thing, but others prefer a more natural detoxification process. Medications during detox are not always the preferred method of an addict or their supporting loves ones, so this can be a limiting factor.

Limited Accreditation

It speaks well of the company that it is accredited with JCAHO. However, SOBA is not accredited with CARF.

Lack of Religion

On perhaps a less crucial note, the SOBA website claims that its treatment programs are not religiously based but are still spiritual. For many clients, of course, this is a definite pro and leaves room for a variety of client beliefs, values, and standards. However, for other clients, religion plays a big role in their recovery, especially in certain elements of the 12-step approach. Plus, there are other recovery centers available that do implement a particular religious foundation, which makes SOBA a less-appealing partner for religious clients.

The Bottom Line

All in all, SOBA is a well-established company with multiple locations, decent accreditation, and, above all, an effective approach. Between its holistic emphasis and implementation of the 12-step model, this company would be a great partner in the recovery process for a wide variety of patients.

Customers who may not appreciate the services offered by SOBA are those who live far from its facilities and don’t want to travel, those who are religious and would like to work with a religious recovery center, and those who prefer a natural yet supervised detoxification process.

Other than that, SOBA is a great option for clients who want to heal both body and mind. Its activities are varied and help clients build life skills and learn to take on challenges in a healthy way. And just as importantly, it truly cares about the needs of each client and wants to make the most of their recovery.

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    July 2nd, 2016 Los Angeles, CA

    I went to Soba Malibu in 2012 after I’d been strung out on methamphetamines for 3 years. I weighed about 90 pounds, was hallucinating all throughout the day, and basically thought I was a hopeless case. The owner Greg came to pick me up in Orange County after attending a friends funeral in the city I grew up in. He waited on me outside for almost two hours as I was tweaking in a motel room. He was very welcoming and made me feel safe and comfortable right off the bat. He also used meth so he understood what I was going through and never judged me. His rehab is beautiful, in Malibu overlooking the ocean. The staff were all amazing, my therapist helped me out a lot, and the groups were held by professionals & were very informative. I learned a lot about myself and my disease at Soba and found healthy ways to cope with my triggers. Although I didn’t stay sober after I left Soba, I highly recommend anyone who needs treatment and wants to go to the best one in California to call Soba and get in right away. You won’t regret it!
    Katie S.

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