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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
The founders of Seasons in Malibu had the plan to expand and improve the drug treatment facility options across the country for those suffering from an addiction. The programs used by this facility take into account both the logical and the emotional aspects of the recovery process in a system that has continually helped patrons find resolution. Seasons in Malibu is continually evolving based on new science and conducted studies to offer the very best care in the industry.

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The Good

  • Personalized approach
  • Full-service facility
  • Community involvement

Personalized Approach

The staff at Seasons in Malibu understands that addictions stem from a wide range of problems and cannot be fixed the same for everyone. This is why they have developed a highly personalized approach that will get to the root of the addiction for maximum success. One of the ways is through the individual counseling and assessment each new patron goes through. During this session, counselor will help identify triggers and other disorders that need resolved. The family or loved ones of each patron will also have counseling sessions in order to make the whole support system as effective as possible.

Full Service Facility

The facility used by Seasons in Malibu is state of the art and designed with every patrons' need in mind. Once the program has begun, the patron will not have to leave again. They can detox, receive counseling, medical attention, learn to meditate, and much more in one place. The facilities have been designed to be as peaceful as possible to allow an ideal environment for recovery.

Community Involvement

Seasons in Malibu is committed to helping more than just those who come to their facility. Their staff volunteers time and resources to local schools and community centers to try and educate on the dangers, signs, and resolutions of drug addictions. The research used to continually improve treatment is shared across the industry to help more people. Seasons in Malibu is dedicated to helping as many addicts as possible.

The Bad

  • Lack of transparency
  • Low admission numbers
  • No published success rates

Lack of Transparency

There is a definite lack of upfront information available to potential patrons of Seasons in Malibu. This mainly pertains to the overall cost of going through the program as an estimate is not given. But the center does accept most insurance coverage or employer-based benefits. These programs are designed to make treatment more affordable and attainable, but customers will still have to do more research to know if they can afford it. The cost of these types of programs is often one of the things that holds back addicts from attending a rehab program. Understanding the cost, and if it really is as affordable as advertised, could help patrons come in for help.

Low Admission Numbers

Seasons in Malibu consistently keeps the number of patrons they have to a minimum in order to better be able to serve them. This is an advantage during the treatment as patrons will get personalized attention and more help. But getting into the program can be difficult because of these low numbers.

No Published Success Rates

It is unclear how well the addiction recovery programs offered by Seasons in Malibu actually do for those suffering from an addiction. There are no published success rates on their website. The programs are designed to really help patrons get to the root of their addictions and tackle all issues contributing to the addiction. More peace of mind would be available to loved ones if they knew how likely the program was to work.

The Bottom Line

Seasons in Malibu has created a state-of-the-art program with nothing but the addict in mind. Each patron will be treated with a personalized plan to help them understand the reasoning behind the addiction and then how to best overcome it. This overall approach using scientific research is unique among the industry. There is a lack of information available to those who are researching this facility, though that is not uncommon across the industry. This rehab facility would be a great option since the entire program is designed for maximum success and sobriety throughout the life of the addict, instead of just a temporary fix.
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