Renaissance Ranch is a Utah-based rehabilitation center that utilizes an LDS addiction recovery program. The company is committed to providing its residents with professional, private service and compassionate treatment.

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The Good

  • Programs
  • Location
  • Extra perks


For many people, the program setup at Renaissance Ranch is ideal. Not only does it use the 12-step recovery model, but its LDS foundation is unique and helps patients heal both spiritually and physically. It treats both LDS and non-LDS patients, helping them through both residential care and aftercare. For patients who prefer an outpatient program, that is available too.


Another positive aspect of these programs is that its ranch-like facilities are meant to be calming for patients. The staff at these facilities are available around the clock, and there are several areas around each campus where patients can meet with support groups, get their energy out through recreation, and gain some peace.

Extra Perks

Renaissance Ranch offers intervention services that won’t cost you any extra money, and they won’t charge for assessments at the beginning of recovery. When you become a patient, you essentially sign a lifetime contract indicating that you are ready to make this change for the rest of your life, with the organization’s help.

The Bad

  • Religion-based
  • No detox services


For various reasons, the fact that Renaissance Ranch is LDS-based can also be a deterrent for some patients. It does ask that patients keep an open mind to go through its 12-step program, but if patients are not interested in that model or in implementing teachings from the Church, this program may not be right.

No Detox Services

Another con for the organization is that it doesn’t offer detox services. Instead, it asks that patients come to its facility already detoxed and ready to begin the next phase of rehabilitation. With such a difficult process, that can be a deal breaker, since it’s helpful to have medical staff help you.

The Bottom Line

All in all, Renaissance Ranch has a positive reputation and is very informative about its process and its goals to help patients recover. That speaks well of the way it treats its clients.

If you are looking for a program that doesn’t use the 12-step model, and especially if you prefer not to work through an LDS-based company, then Renaissance Ranch is not right for you. However, if you like these aspects of the program, it is a great option with decent prices, a nice environment, and lots of resources to help with recovery. With the organization’s help, the support of family, and a personal will to recover, you or the patient you know can work through drug rehabilitation.

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    November 29th, 2016

    Renaissance Ranch claims to have an LDS approach and equine therapy. Both are false. As for horses you just feed and clean up. LDS doctrine ignored and when used, therapist Kris makes up doctrine. She is the weirdest ever. Not a safe environment. Also, no counselling first two weeks. An intervention orientation in which you are belittled with lies and uninformed analysis by whole group and counselor. Expensive and useless.

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