Promises Treatment Center has been in business since 1988. A California-based company, they offer several different programs in two primary locations: Malibu and West Los Angeles. They treat a variety of patients, offering programs for adults and ones specifically for women and young adults. Among the values that Promises describes, they honor the 12-step methodology and work hard to build strong relationships with clients and their affected loved ones. Their treatment is catered to every individual, and they strive to help clients rebuild their lives “one day at a time.” With well over two decades of experience in the rehabilitation industry, their facilities support clients in both alcohol and drug rehabilitation.


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The Good

One of the main advantages to working with Promises is that they offer several different programs—each catered to a specific clientele. They have centers for both inpatient and outpatient programs, each with its own set of benefits.

Another point worth mentioning is that Promises does implement some of author Brené Brown’s shame resilience methodology—or the idea of resisting shame and embracing vulnerability, even and perhaps especially in the face of a challenge.

The following features make Promises an appealing option for drug rehabilitation:

  • Assessment program. In the beginning stages of a program, clients undergo an assessment that lasts for 96 hours and includes a physical evaluation, a psychological exam, and toxin screenings. This is an advantage for any client in that it’s a thorough way for the professionals you’ll be working with to fully understand your current state and how to help your body through detox and recovery.
  • 12 steps. It’s also beneficial for clients that Promises uses the 12-step method for treating addictions. The 12-step model is well known and is commonly used by many addiction treatment centers. Effectively, it involves concepts like humility, accountability, and positive habits. The principles reviewed throughout the 12 steps can be really helpful for clients working through an addiction and, through follow-up, involves a sponsor whom the client can turn to for continued support.
  • Accreditation. Promises Treatment Center’s facilities are accredited by the well-known CARF and the Joint Commission (depending on which location you visit). Accreditation like this makes any company more reliable, which is especially significant in an industry where confidentiality and sensitivity are crucial.

In a word, the programs at the Promises Treatment Center are thorough. This company has a well-established history in drug rehabilitation and implements well-reviewed methods. Between their individualized care and the options they provide customers, their programs are bound to help a variety of clients. Furthermore they have a great amount of healthcare accreditation.

The Bad

With its positive reputation and many choices, however, the Promises Treatment Center has its weaknesses. For one thing, the locations for its facilities are only in two California cities, which limits any of its outpatient programs to only California residents. In addition, anyone interested in a residential program who would rather not travel for recovery has to live close to these facilities. That rules out much of the population in the rest of the country, of course.

But the following aspects of this company might still be a deterrent even for clients whose location is a nonissue:

  • Accessing specific program information. Accessing information about any product you want to purchase is crucial. Without committing to the product, you want to be able to know what type of quality it offers and how much it will cost. It’s no different with drug rehabilitation—and in fact, rehabilitation tends to be quite expensive, so knowing the costs up front is crucial. Promises makes this a bit difficult to access. To an extent, it’s understandable that they don’t post their prices online, but they don’t respond quickly to email inquiries. Even more importantly, when you call to ask about pricing, it’s difficult to get a straight answer without first providing information that you might not be ready to give—such as the type of addiction you’re dealing with, location, and who the treatment is for. For such a case-sensitive industry, it would be nice if this company provided some information without being presumptuous or pressuring potential clients to get personal.
  • Insurance. On top of difficulty finding pricing are insurance matters. Clients will suffer more out-of-pocket costs from Promises if they don’t have insurance, of course, but also if they only have Medicaid or Medicare. Promises only accepts PPOs.

In short, the weakness of this company serve as deterrents for customers who do not have private insurance or who live far from their facilities. But furthermore, the company would do well to be more transparent about their pricing and program information.

The Bottom Line

The Promises Treatment Center has a great amount of experience, credit from well-established organizations, and individualized programs. It’s convenient that they offer choices to their customers and follow through with them all the way from detox to alumni support.

This company would be a great option for anyone living in California who would benefit from their variety of programs. In addition, their services would be satisfactory to patients who work well with the 12-step model. Their thorough procedures would be very effective in the recovery process, and it’s reassuring that they cater their programs to the individual clients.

The only real weaknesses for this company (aside from possible location and insurance differences) is its lack of transparent customer support. This may only affect potential customers who haven’t yet committed to Promises for a rehab center. But this still says something about a company.

That aside, it is well worth looking into Promises if your needs match well with what they offer. You will have to be willing to provide some information about your situation to find out more about the programs, but if you can do that, you can begin your recovery process with this company well.

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