Pomarri is a rehabilitation facility where patients can come to be treated for both drug and alcohol addictions. The center was established in 2013 by founder Tara Gleave and is located in Orem, Utah. While many other rehabilitation facilities offer both inpatient and outpatient treatments, Pomarri focuses on outpatient services only. They want to help clients recover without leaving behind the rest of their responsibilities. As an outpatient facility, Pomarri gives patients the opportunity to continue working or tending to family needs while working toward a steady recovery. While Pomarri is undoubtedly a very new facility, they have a positive reputation so far and set themselves apart from other rehab centers by specializing in outpatient care.


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The Good

This facility offers treatment for a variety of patients. Like many other centers, they provide group therapy, psychotherapy, and treatment for mental health problems or other issues that can accompany an addition. They also incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy into their program and focus on teaching patients life skills that they can implement even in between treatment sessions.

But Pomarri also stands out because it provides help to clients who are pregnant or who have been required by the court to attend classes for recovering from an addiction (such as anger management or domestic violence classes). This is a great option for individuals in these situations.

Any patient at Pomarri would also appreciate the following qualities about this facility:

  • Specialization in outpatient services. While Pomarri isn’t the only facility to offer outpatient services, it does stand out for specializing in outpatient treatment. This approach has given the center a leg up in understanding how to best monitor clients who are balancing both recovery steps and the rest of life.
  • Mentored aftercare. As Pomarri is an outpatient facility, aftercare is treated a little differently from continued care that a residential patient would receive. In some respects, continued care involves different transitions for inpatient clients than for outpatient clients because, as an outpatient client, you have already been living the rest of your life while juggling your recovery process. This being the case, Pomarri’s treatment is open-ended, meaning they don’t necessarily set an end date for patients’ recovery. They allow patients to continue meeting at the facility for as long as they need, and at some point during recovery they are also connected with a mentor who continues to coach them through sobriety.

Overall, Pomarri stands out for its positive reputation and specialized approach. Any client at this facility would enjoy the customized treatment that this center offers.

The Bad

While there’s a lot to love about Pomarri, this facility has a few weaknesses that might break your decision to work with them. For one thing, the company is really very new, with only two years of experience under the belt. The following aspects are also potential cons:

  • Outpatient treatment only. While in many ways it serves Pomarri well that they have specialized in outpatient treatment, this could be a con for some clients. Some individuals really require a more intensive program like residential treatment, including the chance to leave all other distractions or potentially harmful lifestyles behind during addiction recovery. Pomarri can only offer a part-time treatment plan compared to inpatient programs, which limits the options clients have with them.
  • Website and access to program information. As a new or potential client, it’s really quite difficult to access information about Pomarri’s programs. Their company website is repetitive and incomplete, with no information about their prices, specific insurances accepted, or details about their programs. It does mention a good amount of information about their outpatient approach and helpful details about court classes they offer, but it would be more helpful for customers to have ready access to information about what to expect from treatment at Pomarri. In addition, the company does not respond quickly to email inquiries. So even if this facility offers the best treatment out there, the company limits itself to providing very narrow and vague information for potential clients who need it.

Pomarri also doesn’t accept state insurances, which could hurt patients financially. And because the facility is located in Orem and is outpatient-only, it’s not an option for anyone outside of this area.

The Bottom Line

Pomarri would be an excellent option for clients looking for an outpatient facility that offers thorough detoxification procedures and a program that is tailored to the needs and medical history of each patient. Despite being a very inexperienced company and lacking some accreditation, this facility has a positive reputation overall and is driven by the goal to help patients get all the support they need while juggling both recovery steps and the rest of life’s routines.

On the other hand, Pomarri is not a recommended option for any client needing inpatient treatment or even needing outpatient services in an area other than Utah. This company would do well to obtain more accreditation and make it easier for customers to access information about their services. But if their program meets your needs and you feel positive about moving forward with Pomarri, then they can offer customized treatment and continued support throughout your recovery process.

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