Pomarri has two drug rehab and addiction centers located in Orem and Sandy, Utah. The company is committed to assisting each client find the reason and strength to change their lives for good.

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The Good

  • Specialization in outpatient services
  • Onsite detoxification

Specialization in Outpatient Services

While Pomarri isn’t the only facility to offer outpatient services, it does stand out for specializing in outpatient treatment. This approach has given the center a leg up in understanding how to best monitor clients who are balancing both recovery steps and the rest of life.

Onsite Detoxification

Pomarri offers onsite detoxification for its patients.

The Bad

  • No inpatient services
  • Lack of information

No Inpatient Services

While in many ways it serves Pomarri well that it has specialized in outpatient treatment, this could be a con for some clients. Some individuals prefer or require a more intensive program and residential treatment in order to overcome their addictions. Pomarri only offers a part-time treatment plans, which limits the options of its clients.

Lack of Information

As a new or potential client, it’s quite difficult to access information about Pomarri’s programs. Its company website provides no information about prices, accepted insurance, or program details.

The Bottom Line

Pomarri specializes in outpatient treatment and offers onsite detoxification, but the company does not offer inpatient services and has not disclosed pricing or insurance information on its website.

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