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LAST UPDATED: July 2nd, 2019

Pomarri Drug Rehab & Addiction Center, located in Orem and Sandy, Utah, is an outpatient only program, offering evening programs so that patients don't need to leave their jobs or families to make care possible. Offering a longer detoxification program (based on extensive experience and clinical studies), ranging from 8 to 12 weeks, Pomarri Drug Rehab & Addiction Center attempts to slowly move their clients from their reliance on drugs or alcohol. And with their detoxification program being entirely outpatient, they offer the opportunity for clients to detox in the comfort of their own homes.

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The Good

  • Unique treatment programs
  • Two Utah locations

Unique Treatment Programs

One of the most unique aspects of the treatment options at Pomarri Drug Rehab & Addiction Center is that they are all entirely outpatient programs. With a medical staff that is specialized in substance abuse and mental health, Pomarri Drug Rehab & Addiction Center safely detoxes their patients over 8 to 12 weeks while staying in their day to day life. With the option of choosing a day or night program, patients can choose to come to one of their locations from 11 to 3:30 to develop strategies to improve health, physical wellness, independence, and health relationships with family and friends. Day treatment options include the following:

  • Drug and Alcohol Relapse Prevention
  • Life Skills
  • How to Recognize, Confront and Handle Triggers
  • Health and Nutritional Study
  • Family and Relationship Education
  • Continuing Care
  • Anger Management/Domestic Violence
  • Relaxation and Meditation Skills
  • Phases of Recovery
  • Deactivation of Cravings
  • Dangerous Situations

For their night detoxification program, clients can choose to schedule appointments at night to deal with drug and alcohol addictions and to safely detox clients from numerous types of addictions. Pomarri Drug Rehab & Addiction Center also offers a specialized Pregnancy and Addictions program to safely manage a client's pregnancy while addicted and detoxing from drugs or alcohol.

Two Utah Locations

With two locations in Salt Lake and Utah Valley, residents of the Salt Lake City area can receive care close to home throughout the day and at night.


The Bad

  • Little online information

Little Online Information

Unfortunately, Pomarri Drug Rehab & Addiction Center offers very little information about their programs and their company online. Though they do offer some information about the different programs they offer, they don't explain the types of therapies they use, whether they are based in clinical research or not, or even whether their clients are paired up with medical doctors or therapists with experience treating. Though they do include a long list of what their programs include, they don't detail them at all or explain how their clients will be learning these things, if there is a primary location for where patients need to attend, or even whether or not they will receive one-on-one time from a licensed physician. Based on the slight information they do provide, their program seems more like a school on how to avoid addiction, rather than a detox and rehab center for those actively struggling against addiction. Their website is also extremely limited on information about the company itself, how many people work there, how long they've been open, and whether or not they have been accredited by any major organizations like the Joint Commission or CARF, which isn't a good sign for a rehab center. They also have very limited testimonials, some of which suggest improvements, a terrible sign for the upkeep of the website and for the people who attend the program as well! Lastly, without any type of success rates, or even length the company has been open, Pomarri at best seems to be a makeshift program for people who are only looking for a rehabilitation center that matches their lifestyle, not caring whether or not the treatment lives up to expectations of any rehabilitation center.


The Bottom Line

Overall, we would not recommend Pomarri Drug Rehab & Addiction Center to any potential clients based on their limited information, lack of therapies based in actual medicine or clinical studies, lack of accreditation, lack of success rates, limited testimonials, and program options. Without an in-patient option or dual diagnosis options, Pomarri Drug Rehab & Addiction Center severely limits the people that can be treated by this center. Though outpatient programs are typically successful, they are typically successful after a patient has completed an in-patient treatment. Without all of these essential aspects of typical treatment programs, we would not only not recommend Pomarri Drug Rehab & Addiction Center to anyone considering addiction treatment, but would consider a major overhaul on the company itself, based on the online information that they provide.

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