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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Passages Malibu takes a slightly different, though not unusual, approach to drug rehabilitation. It emphasizes holistic, natural healing rather than encouraging patients to undergo lots of group therapy and 12-step meetings. In fact, it is a non-12-step facility. It treats both drug and alcohol addictions. With locations in both Malibu and Ventura, California, this company was founded in 2001. The founders are a father, Chris Prentiss, and his son, Pax. Pax himself overcame a drug and alcohol addiction, so the history of these founders adds credit to the motives of the company. Not only do the founders understand the deep and personal effects of a drug or alcohol addiction; they want to help others overcome addictions in individually effective ways.

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The Good

  • Individualized healing
  • Alternative to 12-step approach
  • Variety of therapeutic activities
  • Onsite detoxification

Individualized Healing

As a Passages patient, your treatment plan is catered to you. Throughout the healing process, the staff at Passages Malibu considers your medical history and the drugs you've been addicted to rather than just cycling you through a predetermined treatment plan.

Alternative to 12-Step Approach

For many individuals, it's appealing that Passages takes a different approach than the 12-step program. Instead, the organization emphasizes holistic healing. You might spend your time working with a life skills coach or in nature to develop more positive habits. Your time at Passages is spent digging deep to find the underlying cause of your addiction. Instead of shuffling through 12 steps and working with a sponsor, you might prefer a program that doesn't involve reliance on a higher power. If that's you, you'll likely enjoy the programs that Passages offers.

Variety of Therapeutic Activities

You might be wondering what makes this facility's treatment plan so "holistic." For starters, Passages offers many different activities that involve nature and health and fitness-activities that will help you replace unhealthy, addictive habits with ones that will make you feel healthier and more connected to your core. Activities include yoga, equine therapy, acupuncture, art therapy, psychotherapy, ropes courses, spiritual counseling, and more.

Onsite Detoxifications

Detoxification can be a scary and daunting facet of addiction recovery. If you work with Passages Malibu, the organization will stick with you every step of the way. It will monitor your detoxification process so that you stay safe and comfortable. In addition, it will treat you as an individual and consider your medical history.

The Bad

  • No 12-step approach
  • Housing

No 12-Step Approach

While this serves as a pro for a lot of patients, many other individuals would actually prefer to work with a 12-step program to accomplish their recovery. After all, 12-step programs have proven helpful for many people, between their work with sponsors, the support they find in recovery meetings, and the effectiveness that they find in reliance on a higher power. For these clients, Passages Malibu wouldn't be a good company to work with because this company doesn't emphasize those aspects of recovery.


As a patient at Passages, you will undergo treatment at a residential facility. However, the organization offers four types of drug rehab programs, and all of them but the top tier (and most expensive one) provide shared rooms only. To enjoy a private room during recovery, you'd have to pay extra and opt for a more intensive recovery program.

The Bottom Line

All things considered, Passages Malibu is a great option for a variety of clients. It has many years of experience and offers a wide variety of activities that are sure to be helpful on the road to recovery. Individuals who will most likely find Passages Malibu most effective prefer a non-12-step program, a company that emphasizes holistic activities, and an extremely individualized recovery treatment plan. In contrast, this company may not satisfy individuals who prefer a 12-step program or an otherwise more regimented treatment plan. Whether you choose to recover with Passages Malibu will, of course, depend on your preferences-financially, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. It might not be a great option for 12-step clients or those whose housing logistics don't line up. But if you do choose Passages as a partner, it has much to offer and will work very hard to cater to your needs and make your treatment safe and comfortable.
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