The Orchid Treatment Center is one of three main facilities for drug rehabilitation that are owned by Palm Healthcare. Palm Healthcare was founded in 2001, and one of these other rehab facilities offer rehabilitation for both genders. But what makes Orchid special is its focus on rehabilitation for women. Like many other facilities, Orchid treats both drug and alcohol addictions, in addition to trauma and other effects of drug addictions. Using a holistic and female-focused recovery model, the center is located in Palm Beach, Florida, and is headed by CEO Peter Harrigan. In essence, the philosophy of Orchid’s treatment program is that women heal best when they’re surrounded by a supportive group of women. This concept was fully developed by Dr. Karen Dodge and fuels the fire under each patient’s treatment model. Geared specifically toward women struggling with substance abuse, Orchid is a special refuge among other facilities.


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The Good

  • Gender-specific treatment
  • Holistic healing

Gender-Specific Treatment

An obvious benefit to working with Orchid is that its program is catered specifically to women. This can be a major advantage for women who would prefer an all-female environment. Healing amid a supportive group made up of all women can help many patients to stay focused and feel the support that only fellow women can offer.

Holistic Healing

Rehabilitation at Orchid is very personalized and often includes the 12-step recovery model in addition to natural, healthy healing methods. Orchid prizes itself on the variety of activities that its patients can enjoy while going through recovery, such as art therapy, sound therapy, acupuncture, body sculpting, spiritual counseling, and more. The company also offers cognitive behavioral therapy for patients who would prefer that.

The Bad

  • No treatment for men
  • Lack of information

No Treatment For Men

Orchid is not an option for males looking for drug rehabilitation. While this can serve as a positive for some patients, it may be limiting for others, including women. Some female clients might find it more helpful to work through their recovery in a coed residence. In some cases, working with all women can be unnerving and even feel dramatic for recovering addicts who would prefer a more balanced perspective and meetings where both genders are contributing.

Lack of Information

Orchid Treatment Center does not provide pricing or insurance information on its corporate website, making it difficult for individuals to know whether or not Orchid is a financially feasible option for them.

The Bottom Line

Orchid Treatment Center offers gender-specific recovery treatment and holistic healing for women. However, the organization has not disclosed pricing or insurance information on its website.

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