Located in Dana Point, California, Ocean Hills Recovery provides a calm environment by the ocean where patients can come to recover from substance abuse. It treats addictions of all types.

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30–90 Days

The Good

  • Different program lengths
  • Variety of programs
  • Onsite detoxification

Different Program Lengths

One perk that Ocean Hills offers is the different program lengths. It has residential treatments that last for 30, 60, or 90 days. So whether you need one month or three months of treatment, it can be flexible.

Variety of Programs

Ocean Hills offers a variety of programs that meet you where you are in your recovery process. You may need inpatient treatment, for example, which is more intense treatment that precedes sober living. Or, if you’ve had some therapy already but need some continued care, their Fresh Start Program might be for you. In addition to drug rehab, it is also a facility for other addictions and mental health problems that may accompany your addiction.

Onsite Detoxification

The company offers onsite detoxification services and intervention services. It is licensed by the State of California and works hard to keep patients comfortable.

The Bad

  • Insurance restrictions
  • Lack of information

Insurance Restrictions

For the most part, Ocean Hills accept insurance policies that are both in and out of network. But if you have an HMO policy, it can’t accept the claim and you will pay more out of pocket.

Lack of Information

To the credit of this company, its customer service is extremely helpful and positive. However, its company website is not the most informative, so when you first learn about the company, you will probably have to contact them directly to ask any questions you may have.

The Bottom Line

Ocean Hills Recovery has a positive reputation thus far. Its customers are important to it, which means your recovery is important as well. That helps make it more reliable and gives confidence to patients, which is extremely important in recovery.

In addition, Ocean Hills boasts a 73 percent success rate for patients who complete the 90-day program. Its program is a great option for anyone seeking a flexible program length, supervised treatment, and even an oceanside location. And the good news is that it treats all types of addictions, so should you need help with more than substance abuse recovery, it can help.

But should you need a company that accepts HMO policies, a closer location to where you live, or different prices, Ocean Hills may not be right. At the heart of it, the rehabilitation program you choose should not only be affordable and convenient; you should feel comfortable in the facilities and work well with the clinicians and therapists there.

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