Ocean Hills Recovery

Located in the ocean side resort town of Dana Point, California, Ocean Hills Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment center that provides numerous recovery programs to meet client needs. Ocean Hills, in business since 2007, is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and boasts a relatively high success rate. Most insurance policies are accepted and the verification process can be done online. Pricing information, however, is not listed online and interested clients will need to contact the company to learn more.

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The Good

  • High success rate
  • Insurance verification online
  • Multiple treatment programs
  • Numerous amenities

High Success Rate

Ocean Hills Recovery boasts a 73 percent success rate for clients who complete its 90-day treatment program. The facility is committed to producing long-term recovery by helping its patients transition back to a productive, sober life. If you're seeking a program with relatively high success, then Ocean Hills Recovery is worth looking into.

Insurance Verification Online

Dealing with insurance can be stressful for anyone which is why Ocean Hills Recovery provides an option for you to complete the verification process on its website. This is to see if you have insurance coverage for addiction treatment services. The verification process saves you time and an initial phone call to the facility.

Multiple Treatment Programs

Ocean Hills Recovery provides many different services based on the needs of the patient. Some of the clinical options include, substance abuse treatment, detox, dual diagnosis, collaborative recovery programs, in-patient residential programs, and long-term transitional programs. The center also provides individual and group counseling as well as family therapy. The 12-step method is integrated throughout the center's programs.

Numerous Amenities

Ocean Hills Recovery provides additional services to complement its clinical and counseling therapy services. Some of those services include a fitness center, massage, yoga class, art therapy, home cooked meals, free airport pickup, and fun activities such as beach and movie day. Program graduates have said that Ocean Hills helped them to learn how to have fun in sobriety. Ocean Hills claims that if you can't have fun in sobriety then long-term success won't last.

The Bad

  • Current pricing information not online
  • Dated information
  • One location

Current Pricing Information Not Online

Some of Ocean Hills' statistics date back to 2010. One of those is the average cost for a drug and alcohol rehab facility. It is not clear as if this represents the facility or California rehab facilities in general. The company states that the average costs is about $670 per day for a 28-day treatment. Beyond this information, no other pricing specifics are listed on its website. You will need to contact the company directly for more information.

Dated Information

As stated previously, Ocean Hills uses statistics that are seven years old. Because of this, it is not clear as to what its current success rate is as the recovery rate of 73 percent dates back to 2010. Dated information is found throughout the website so it is not clear as to how up-to-date the website is. For the most current information, we recommend calling the company directly.

One Location

Ocean Hills Recovery's primary, and only, location is in Dana Point, California. While the scenic atmosphere is provides a tranquil environment for patients, you may need to factor in additional travel costs if you're not local to the area.

The Bottom Line

If you are seeking a drug and alcohol rehabilitative facility with a beautiful location and many amenities, then Ocean Hills Recovery should meet your needs. The center provides numerous programs to assist clients throughout the recovery journey from intervention to in-patient programs, to transition and collaborative programs. While most insurance policies are accepted, detailed pricing information is not listed online. The company also advertises a 73 percent rate, but this statistic dates back to 2010. For the most current information, we recommend contacting the company directly.

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