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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Novus Detox is a very unique facility in the drug rehab industry as it is not actually a rehab treatment center. Instead, Novus focuses on the detox portion of the recovery process and then strongly encourages all patrons to continue the work towards sobriety at a full rehab facility. The professional medical staff at Novus has been trained in how to make the detox process and all the withdrawal symptoms that accompany it as safe and comfortable as possible for each patron. A personalized detox plan is made for each addict based on their substance abuse, history, body, and other factors.

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The Good

  • Combination approach
  • Daily payment

Combination Approach

The medical staff at Novus Detox have adopted what they call a two-pronged approach to guided detox. The two prongs of this process are medications and natural remedies. The physicians have found that providing addicts with both of these types of aids helps ease the withdrawal symptoms and is much safer on the addict's body. Each addiction is different, so the exact combination used varies for each addict but the effect is the same. One thing Novus Detox does that is unique among the industry is give patrons an IV to help hydration throughout the detox process. But that IV is also filled with vitamins and amino acids that are often depleted by drugs or alcohol when abused. Just that added help allows these patrons to bounce back more quickly and to start the rest of the recovery process on a healthier note.

Daily Payment

Since Novus Detox is only a detox center and not a full rehabilitation facility, the payment requirements are quite different. Each patron will be required to pay a fee for each day they are at the center. That set fee will cover all of the medications given, the room, nurse care, and any other resources used. These payments are often covered by insurance as well. This option in theory will be much more affordable for patrons, through exact numbers are not given.

The Bad

  • Detox-only facility

Detox-Only Facility

The process for an addict to begin to recover from their addiction must begin with a detox to get all of the substance out of their body. But that is just a step in the whole recovery and much more needs to be done in order to really overcome addictions. Novus Detox is only available to help addicts with this first step in their recovery as they are not a rehab facility. There are no counselors or therapy sessions available at this center to help addicts find and resolve the issues that led to the addiction in the first place. The staff at Novus Detox highly recommends and strongly encourages each person who comes to their facility to continue their work towards recover by attending a rehab center (whether that is inpatient or outpatient). When an addict chooses to detox at Novus Detox, it may complicate their recovery process as they will have to attend two separate facilities, being accepted by both and all that entails, in order to get all of the help they will need.

The Bottom Line

Often, the aspect of treatment that will ward off addicts from beginning a recovery process is the initial detox. That process is painful and very difficult for a person to go through, so many are too scared to even try to get over their addictions. Those feelings are exactly why Novus Detox is there to help all addicts begin on the road to sobriety by offering solutions to make detoxing as safe and comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, detoxing from an abused substance does not mean that the addict is then healed from their addiction. More work will have to be done in another facility, which is a decision the addict and their loved ones must make before choosing to work with Novus Detox.
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