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The New Line Addiction Treatment Center is a rehab program located in Pal City, Florida. Founded by Jose R Toledo, a neurologist with 25 years of experience, the New Line Addiction Treatment Center offers a detoxification program lasting 7 to 10 days, a longer-term rehabilitation program lasting 30 to 90 days, an intensive outpatient program, and a
out patient program, in addition to holistic drug rehab, dual diagnosis rehab, and addiction counseling.

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A unique aspect to the New Line Addiction Treatment Program, patients stay in community housing located in family neighborhoods, monitored by the treatment center. Accredited by the Joint Commission and the state of Florida’s Department of Children and Families, the New Line Addiction Treatment Center seeks to achieve to goal of sobriety no matter what.

The Good

  • Dual diagnosis rehabilitation
  • Types of programs

Dual Diagnosis Rehabilitation

New Line offers dual diagnosis rehab, making it possible for individuals who suffer from a substance addiction and a mental disorder to get help for both. With a range of techniques and therapies, their patients will undergo a comprehensive assessment to develop a treatment plan for their disorder and addiction. Though all dual diagnosis treatment plans will differ, there are aspects that are similar to each program:

  • Talk to an intake personnel about your substance use history
  • Receive care that is specific to your dual diagnosis
  • Undergo therapy sessions and taking prescription medications, if needed
  • Train you to manage symptoms on your own
  • Timely referral to an appropriate mental health specialist if we discover the emergence of a primary mental health disorder

Types of Programs

New Line also has a lot of beneficial types of programs, including Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Long Term Drug Rehab, and a Holistic Drug Rehab program. Their Intensive Outpatient Treatment program is intended to help those patients who do not require a medically-supervised detox, or who have completed a detox program. Because it doesn’t require a long-term stay at the treatment facility, it is ideal for people who work a job or need to be at home with family.

The Long Term Drug Rehab ranges from 30 to 90 days and is designed for chronic substance abusers in order to completely heal and reach sobriety. More time at a treatment center can build a tougher resistance against relapsing.

Lastly, the Holistic Drug Rehab offers a mind, body, and spirit approach to offer a way for patients to improve every aspect of their health and well being. Offering additional programs to provide stabilization to a patient’s physical health, New Life offers psychotherapy, yoga, kayaking, swimming, and a nutritionist to help aid the patient.

The Bad

  • Not CARF certified
  • Lack of online transparency

Not CARF Certified

Though they are certified by the Joint Commission, they are not certified by CARF, one of the more intensive certification processes and a more elite certification for rehabilitation centers.

Lack of Online Transparency

Unfortunately, New Line Addiction Center has a poor website with very little information about their practice, how long they have been in business, where they are located, their success rates, their pricing information, and more. Without key portions of information on their website, you may wonder whether they are trying to hide things from their clients, especially based on what they do offer on their website. Though they say they “may” take certain insurances, they don’t list out which insurances they do in fact take. They also don’t list any pricing information, and have generally little information about the staff other than the CEO and on-call doctor. Overall, this website gives this business a bad impression.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we would not recommend New Life Addiction Center based on the website’s lack of information and confusing overall layout. Though they do offer a lot of outpatient programs, good for those local to Florida, they provide little information about the programs that are at the treatment facility. They do advertise that their patients will live in a neighborhood setting but they don’t detail what the facilities look like and how they get from one place to the other. Unfortunately, this business offers a confusing website, seemingly good types of programs, but little information about the programs and anything else.

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