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For almost three decades, Michael's house has been dedicated to serving those suffering from addictions. The founder of this rehab treatment center, Arlene Rosen, lost her own son to a drug overdose making this issue very real and personal to her. The staff at Michael's House use current, evidence-based treatment options to help addicts on the road to recovery with life-long sobriety. With several facilities and treatment options, Michael's House is able to customize a patron's experience and give them the best chance at full recovery.

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The Good

  • Accepts most major insurance
  • Alumni program

Accepts Most Major Insurance

The costs for addiction recovery services are often very expensive, though the cost of Michael's House services is not disclosed. This is why insurance coverage can be a huge benefit to those patrons who want to go through the process as it will ease the financial burden. Many treatment facilities are either do not accept many insurances, have limited coverage, or do not disclose that information.

Michael's House accepts most major insurance companies including Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare, and more. Having the insurance information available to potential visitors of the facility makes the whole decision process much easier for patrons.

Alumni Program

Every addict who goes through a treatment process at Michael's House will have the option to enroll in the alumni program after completion with the recovery program. This is a program that is designed to help addicts continue on their road to recovery and have lifelong sobriety. Relapse is a very common problem for any addiction and Michael's House is dedicated to doing what they can to prevent as many as possible.

The alumni program allows previous patrons to connect on a regular basis for support. This is especially crucial on challenging days when the temptation to slip back into substance abuse is very high. A patron can even get a counseling session over the phone if necessary to ward of relapse. This program is very beneficial to those patrons and not always a part of the recovery process that is focused on.

The Bad

  • Lack of personalized treatment options
  • Pricing undisclosed

Lack of Personalized Treatment Options

In recent years, Michael's House experienced incredible growth that allowed them to expand how many patrons that could be accommodated in the facilities. This is great because the staff is able to help a much larger number of addicts towards recovery. But there are some downsides because the treatment cannot be as personalized as other, smaller rehab facilities. For example, patrons of the men's facility only get two individual counseling sessions per week. The rest of their treatment will come in group settings. This type of treatment will (and has worked) for many addicts but may not be ideal for others who need more specified help.

Pricing Undisclosed

As with many other rehab facilities across the industry, Michael's House does not provide any upfront information about the cost for the treatment services offered. Every addiction is different, so every treatment process will be as well, which is why estimates are not given. But since this is such a large expense and investment, it is very important for potential patrons to understand exactly what they will be required to pay for. This information is important in the decision making process.

The Bottom Line

For those addicts who respond better to more group settings, Michael's House is a great option for a treatment facility. Across the four campuses, patrons will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities and workshops to help them work through the underlying issues feeding their addictions.

Of course, patrons will also get individualized counseling to really move the recovery process along. The cost for treatment through this facility is unknown, but most major insurance companies are accepted. Michael's House is the perfect fit for an addict (or their loved ones making the decision) who wants more of a middle ground facility to work through addiction.

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