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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Helping individuals since 1983, the Lakeside-Miliam Recovery Centers seek to help individuals and families put their lives back together by assisting them in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. With a wide variety of treatment options, both in-patient and outpatient, multiple locations across the Western Washington area, and accreditation from some of the top national rehabilitation associations, Lakeside-Miliam Recovery Centers is dedicated to providing quality patient treatment.

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The Good

  • Variety of treatment options
  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple licenses, affiliations, and accreditations

Variety of Treatment Options

Lakeside-Miliam Recovery Centers knows each individuals has a different set of circumstances and struggles. Because of this a variety of treatment options are available. Whether an adult, adolescent, male or female, specific programs are designed to treat drug and alcohol addiction. Utilizing clinical assessments, inpatient and outpatient care, residential programs, long-term treatment programs, and family and employer support services, Lakeside-Miliam will try to meet the needs of every individual who partners with Lakeside-Miliam to get their lives headed in a more positive direction addiction free. Some of the core concepts include a focus on physical health, comprehensive education, group and individual counseling sessions, and adapting specific changes to destructive patterns of thinking.

Multiple Locations

Lakeside-Miliam has 11 different treatment centers across the Western Washington area to meet the many different needs of their clients. There is an adults only inpatient facility in Kirkland, a young adults only inpatient facility location in Burien, and nine outpatient facilities with locations in Auburn, Everett, Issaquah, Kirkland, North Seattle, Puyallup, Downtown Seattle, South Seattle, and Tacoma. With a large number of treatment facilities Lakeside-Miliam makes it easy for individuals to receive treatment close to home allowing them more time to focus on recovery and less time worrying about travel or family being a far distance away.

Multiple Licenses, Affiliations, and Accreditations

Lakeside-Miliam Recovery Centers strives to follow good business practices by maintaining a high level of standards that will qualify them for a variety of license, affiliations, and accreditations. Some of these include Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery licenses from the state of Washington, a Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accreditation, recognizing the quality facilities Lakeside-Miliam provides. Lakeside-Miliam is also a proud member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers since 1987 and the Washington Association of Alcoholism and Addiction Providers.

The Bad

  • Exclusively a drug/alcohol treatment center
  • Limited aftercare programs
  • No 12-step or SMART programs

Exclusively a Drug/Alcohol Treatment Center

Lakeside-Miliam specializes in drug and alcohol recovery only. While some other facilities provide dual diagnosis treatment, meaning they treat both addiction to a substance as well as a mental anxiety or disorder like PTSD, depression, or bipolar disorders, Lakeside-Miliam chooses to focus solely on addiction recovery.

Limited Aftercare Programs

While Lakeside-Miliam Recovery Centers have a core treatment concept that yields a 77% success rate, the focus of the program is placed more on physical health, education, counseling, and changing destructive patterns than in-depth aftercare programs. While there is an alumni association that will hold events, there is no formalized plan for continued treatment after an individual has left a Lakeside-Miliam facility.

Neither a Christian or SMART Recovery Based

Many recovery centers seeks to be heavily Christian centers, encouraging individuals to keep in touch with a higher power through prayer and scriptures study, often recognized as the 12-step program. Others seek to teach individuals they can overcome struggles by gaining insight into empowering themselves, also known as SMART based. At Lakeside-Miliam, neither of these popular approaches are taken. The centers seek to implement a different set of practices and those seeking after a Christian centered 12-step or SMART programs may need to go elsewhere.

The Bottom Line

If those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction reside in the Western Washington area and are looking for a treatment center with multiple locations allowing them to be closer to home and family Lakeside-Miliam will be an excellent option with 11 different facilities spread throughout the area. If you are looking for a variety of treatment options to choose from, all from a company that is fully licensed, affiliated, and accredited by some of the top behavioral health organizations Lakeside-Miliam will be a quality choice to provide relief from addiction. However, if you want a specific program, like the 12-step or the SMART program, or are looking for a duel treatment solution to also help with other disorders, along with drug and alcohol addiction, an individual will need to select a different treatment provider. Also, if you need an extensive aftercare program, outside of occasional alumni meetings, could be beneficial for sustained success, then you should look elsewhere.
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