Founded in 2010, Klean Treatment Centers is a fairly new company in the drug rehabilitation industry. Its CEO, Andrew Spanswick, cofounded the company. Klean is available in multiple locations along the Pacific Coast—specifically, West Hollywood, California; Long Beach, Washington; and both Astoria and Portland, Oregon. At Klean Treatment Centers, clients can choose from either inpatient or outpatient programs that typically last within 30, 60, or 90 days—pretty typical of a rehabilitation program. The professionals at this company support their clients through all stages of the recovery process, including both a medical detoxification and continued care for program alumni. Like its competitors, Klean strives to help patients find personally effective ways to overcome their addictions. But unlike some competitors, this company combines the methodology of the 12-step model, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and holistic activities like yoga to give patients the full potential for recovery.


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The Good

  • Comfortable residential living
  • Onsite detoxification
  • Follow-up care

Comfortable Residential Living

Should patients opt for an inpatient program, they can expect private or semiprivate housing, healthy eating, and even the ability to bring their dog to their residence. Residential treatment at one of Klean’s centers also involves weekly meetings to discuss progress with the program director and the ability to participate in activities both on and off campus. Therapy sessions are very personalized, and as patients work with their therapist, they can set goals that will lead to healthier, sober living.

Onsite Detoxification

Another benefit to Klean Treatment is the fact that its inpatient programs include onsite detoxification, which can take a few days. During this time, patients can expect 24/7 monitoring from qualified staff. Since detox can be a daunting stage of drug rehabilitation, it’s comforting to know that professionals will stay by the side of the patient to help them through it.

Follow-Up Care

The follow-up process of any drug rehabilitation facility speaks volumes about its relationship with clients. Klean Treatment offers aftercare and a great alumni program that involves plenty of opportunities to connect with other alumni and stay accountable for sobriety, including support groups, individual therapy sessions, and monthly events, among other things.

The Bad

  • Undisclosed pricing
  • No insurance information

Undisclosed Pricing

Klean Treatment does not provide any pricing information on its website. While it’s not uncommon to have to call a rehab facility to get prices, Klean Treatment makes it even more difficult to call for pricing because it requires individuals to provide information about their drug addiction first.

No Insurance Information

Insurance becomes very important for a lot of drug rehab clients, since rehabilitation costs can get incredibly high very quickly. The outcome is worth the expense, of course, but it’s nice to visit a facility that accepts insurance to help patients cut down those costs a bit. Klean does not disclose information on the types of insurance it accepts on its website.

The Bottom Line

Klean Treatment Center offers comfortable residential living, onsite detoxification, and follow-up care. However, the company has not disclosed pricing or insurance information on its website.

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    April 13th, 2016 CA

    This place is horrible. They don’t care about the patients well being. They only care about making money!

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