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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Hope by the Sea was created in 2002 with a focus on integrity, honesty, and excellent client care being the top priorities. With their focus on dual-diagnosis treatment, they incorporate the 12-step program while addressing psychological issues within group and individual sessions by a licensed psychologist. With their top-notch drug and alcohol rehab (Prograb), they include not only detox and residential treatment, but also outpatient treatment and long-term care. They also have a Christian drug rehab program and a college program. As a 57-bed full-service facility located in southern California, Hope by the Sea is a great option for those looking for a supportive and peaceful environment.

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The Good

  • Unique treatment programs
  • Lots of insurance information
  • Outpatient care

Unique Treatment Programs

Hope by the Sea offers a lot of different and unique programs, including a Christian program, College Program, and a Family program. With the Christian drug rehab track, you participate in the daily schedule with an emphasis on Christian activities and functions, like devotionals, worship, and Christian-focused individual and group counseling. With the College program, clients will learn study skills, test-taking skills, and time management skills, preparing clients to be students, but also to be adults with life skills like budgeting, taxes, the importance of saving, resume writing, and credit.

Insurance Information

Hope by the Sea provides a list of the insurance providers they work with online, with more information on how the finances behind a recovery center works. You are also able to verify your benefits online to make things a little easier.

Outpatient Care

Hope by the Sea also offers outpatient care for their clients to help people that can't take time out of their regular lives to complete their transition to sobriety. People who have completed the residential treatment can also use this to help them in their transition back to normal life. This is also a lower-cost option for those who are concerned about the finances.

The Bad

  • No pricing information
  • No specialized treatment options

No pricing information

Unfortunately, there is no listed pricing information online, other than the option to call in to get a quote about the program's prices. Though there is information about insurance, there isn't a lot of information on how much insurance will cover on average.

No Specialized Treatment Options

Hope by the Sea also doesn't provide a lot of information on the types of therapies that they use to treat their patients. They also don't have a lot of specialized treatment like adventure, aerobic, equine, or massage therapy options and don't detail what types of therapy they do have. Hope by the Sea only focuses on addiction treatment as well.

The Bottom Line

Hope by the Sea is a great option for those looking for Christian programs, College programs, or for those looking for outpatient services; however, if you are looking for programs that incorporate exercise, massage therapy or other non-traditional, non-talk therapy programs, Hope by the Sea isn't a good option for you or your loved ones. Mainly focusing on group therapy and traditional learning, Hope by the Sea won't bring non-traditional therapies into the equation. They also have no pricing information online and their website isn't extremely fleshed out, with a lot of the same information on different pages. Though Hope by the Sea would be a good choice for the more specialized treatment options, like the ones mentioned above, it wouldn't be a good option for those looking for more diverse treatment options.
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