The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (originally called the Hazelden Foundation before partnering with Betty Ford) was founded back in 1949. It’s a national company that provides rehabilitation for both drug and alcohol addictions in California, Florida, Oregon, Minnesota, Illinois, and New York. There are both inpatient and outpatient treatments at Hazelden, and the programs there are tailored to a wide variety of clients. From you programs, to older-adult services, to professional treatment (such as for healthcare or legal employees), there is something for most patient needs. Hazelden even offers services for the families of addicts and treats co-occurring disorders. Hazelden’s programs implement the 12-step recovery process but also include general healing through spirituality, fitness, and psychiatry.


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The Good

Hazelden has more than 60 years of experience in drug rehabilitation, and this obvious pro adds to the company’s credibility, trustworthiness, and knowledge. It’s also an advantage that this foundation has facilities in several states throughout the US, as opposed to a lot of facilities that are limited to one location in one city.

Among other benefits, these primary features of Hazelden are sure to please any patient:

  • Insurance. These facilities are in-network with most insurances, so chances are good that your policy will help cover some of the expenses for your treatment. But Hazelden goes above and beyond and works really hard to communicate with your insurance company to make sure they cover as many expenses as possible. Because Hazelden is on your side, the financial aspect of your addiction treatment is a bit less stressful.
  • Aftercare. The aftercare program at Hazelden is definitely worth mentioning. Let’s start with the fact that, after you complete the program for your recovery, you receive 18 months of free aftercare! This alone is a major benefit to working with Hazelden. But aside from being free for 18 months, the continued care is thorough. It includes relapse prevention training, an alumni program, and a recovery coach if that’s what you need.
  • Informative website. Even though the company website isn’t part of the actual program you’ll go through, it’s worth mentioning that Hazelden’s website is extremely informative and easy to access. This company makes it so easy to find information about their programs—everything from pricing to what you can expect from treatment at Hazelden. With drug rehabilitation in particular, transparency and communication are so important to have in the company you work with. Hazelden provides both.

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is well established and has a positive reputation and lots of experience. With an accreditation from the Joint Commission, this company is trustworthy and works hard to get patients the help they need. Not only will they help you through the process of recovery itself; they are also your advocate for financial and insurance matters, and they will see you through the full process of recovery.

The Bad

While there is much to love about Hazelden, the company presents the following weaknesses, which could deter you from using one of their programs:

  • 12-step emphasis. The programs a Hazelden incorporate elements of the 12-step recovery model, which could be seen as either a pro or a con, depending on the patient. Overall, the 12-step model has served many patients well and provides a good foundation for determining the underlying causes of addictions and reliance on a higher power. But some people just don’t prefer the 12-step model and might even find it limiting to their progress as a recovering addict. Hazelden does reassure clients that they incorporate a lot of other methods into their programs, but there are other facilities out there that you might find more fitting if they don’t deal with the 12-step model at all.
  • No set time frame. The programs at Hazelden are very individualized, even in terms of how long your treatment takes. For the most part, this is a good thing; patients aren’t limited to a one-size-fits-all treatment. However, some clients might prefer a more standardized program regarding how long their treatment takes. For these clients, a stricter schedule with set milestones in their recovery might be what it takes. And while Hazelden is flexible and won’t put a time limit on your recovery, sometimes a set time frame with specific, time-oriented goals is what patients need.

On the whole, the weaknesses of Hazelden’s programs could be seen as both pros and cons. That will just depend on your preferences as a client—specifically, whether you like the 12-step path and how you would like your program to be structured. If you prefer a different methodology or a more structured program, then Hazelden might be like an ill fit for you. In these ways, Hazelden’s programs can indeed cater to a variety of individuals, but they can still be limiting.

The Bottom Line

In summary, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is an excellent option for patients with a variety of needs. Not only do their programs help both drug and alcohol addicts, in both inpatient and outpatient formats; they are also available in several locations around the US and are very flexible. The facilities offer everything from detoxification to aftercare, and patients have access to medical and mental health professionals throughout the process.

For most patients, the programs at Hazelden are sure to be helpful. The main reasons you might not want to work with this company are if you prefer a different method from the 12-step model, if you don’t live near one of their facilities and prefer a close-by location, or if you prefer treatment that has a more structured time frame.

If the logistics at Hazelden do meet your needs and you choose to recover with them, they will work hard to make your treatment successful, affordable, and thorough. You will likely enjoy the care you receive from them throughout your recovery and into sobriety.

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