5th Generation Chemical Depend...

5th Generation Chemical Dependence Program

The 5th Generation Chemical Dependence Program is one of the most unique drug rehab options out there. Based out of North Dakota, this program is run by the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians, a Native American tribe. It takes place on an Indian reservation in Belcourt and is catered toward Native American patients.  

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The Good

  • Free for Native Americans
  • Seven levels of care

Free for Native Americans

Since this program is specifically for Native Americans, it's free for them. In fact, if you're not Native American, 5th Generation will probably refer you to a different center. But if you are Native American, you won't have to pay for your recovery.

Seven Levels of Care

This company calls its approach to addiction recovery the "seven levels of care," with the seven levels being prevention, intervention, outpatient, day treatment, residential care, relapse, and aftercare. Essentially, these are steps that patients go through in order to recover. This is unique and different from the typical 12-step or even non-12-step programs that many other organizations use.

The Bad

  • Limited space
  • Overly flexible

Limited Space

5th Generation Chemical Dependence Program can house only 10 patients at a time, which makes it very difficult to get a spot.

Overly Flexible

Compared to some other rehabilitation facilities, 5th Generation's program is extremely flexible-almost too flexible. For example, the organization isn't very strict about how long a patient must stay in the program, and it doesn't require patients to have a sponsor. These aren't limitations to some clients, but for others, having these guidelines can be the difference in their recovery.

The Bottom Line

Overall, 5th Generation is an extremely individualized program. It is a recommended company for individuals who are Native American and who prefer a more flexible program with an alternative approach to the 12-step model.

For other clients, however, this program is probably too specific or even too loose to be helpful for recovery. The organization's seven levels of care include all the essential elements of recovery, but individuals may want to determine how strict they'd like their rehabilitation to be so they can be successful.

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