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DARA, which stands for Drug and Alcochol Rehab Asia, is committed to providing an affordable, drug and alcohol treatment program in a Thai tropical island paradise. DARA has two locations in Thailand in the cities of Chanthaburi and Koh Chang, both of which are considered ‘rehab resorts’ in combining the tranquil setting with cognitive behavioral therapy, components of the 12-step philosophy, and SMART Recovery methods. DARA believes in a holistic approach and provides its clients with a long list of amenities.

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The Good

  • Free confidential assessment
  • Affordable solutions
  • Comprehensive program
  • Numerous amenities

Free Confidential Assessment

Among the many benefits of selecting DARA as a drug treatment center, one is that it provides a free confidential assessment to all prospective clients. In fact, there are toll-free numbers that will connect you with DARA’s customer service representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. DARA’s admissions counselors are available by telephone, email, or even Skype to further discuss program inclusions and corresponding fees.

Affordable Solutions

DARA claims to be one of the world’s most affordable, luxury treatment facilities. It states that many clients find it more cost-effective to fly to Thailand for its 4-week program rather than to seek treatment in their own countries. The 4-week program is subsidized by the founders of DARA taking it from $15,000 to $6,995. This would be an extremely inexpensive luxury vacation, let alone one where you receive addiction treatment as well. This feature makes DARA a compelling option regardless of your current location.

Comprehensive Program

The addiction treatment program at DARA Thailand includes individual counseling, educational workshops, stress management, and group sessions, along with relapse awareness groups. Dara combines therapy with fun through the additional features it offers. The program also takes a holistic approach and provides meditation, group fitness training, art therapy, group sports, water sports, massages, and excursions.

Numerous Amenities

Unlike other drug treatment facilities, DARA allows the use of cell phones, iPads and other technological devices, except during counseling sessions and classes. Other center facilities and amenities include a 20 meter pool, tennis court, badminton court, theatre room, free Wi-Fi, meditation center, gym, computer stations, open-air dining and more. The centers also offer weekend excursions to tropical forests, waterfalls, fishing villages, and beaches.

The Bad

  • Limited pricing online
  • Few insurances accepted
  • Location

Limited Pricing Online

DARA shares its pricing for its 4-week treatment program which starts at $6,995 per person. For more luxurious accommodations, for the same length of time will cost you $13,990. Pricing for the 8-week and 12-week treatment programs are not listed on the company’s website. If you’d like to learn more about the longer lengths of stay, then you will need to contact the company directly.

Few Insurances Accepted

While DARA does accept insurance, it is considered an in-network provider for five insurance companies listed on its website. Those insurance companies include, AXA, Cigna, GeoBlue, HTH Worldwide, and International SOS. This may be a downside if your insurance company is not one of the listed. Keep in mind that the DARA rehab program is already fairly affordable without insurance, compared to other treatment facilities of the same standard.


If you are looking for an exotic escape and don’t mind traveling to Thailand, then DARA could be a really great option for you. However, if you are concerned being away from loved ones and the potentially lengthier travel times, this is something to consider when evaluating DARA’s treatment centers.

The Bottom Line

DARA Thailand provides a tranquil option for those seeking a drug or alcohol treatment program. Although based in Thailand, DARA accommodates English speaking clients and boasts a 92 percent completion rate. While amenity-rich, it is an affordable rehabilitation option. If you don’t mind traveling to Thailand, then DARA should meet your drug treatment needs. However, if you’re hoping to receive insurance coverage, DARA only accepts insurance from five insurance companies.


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  1. User Score


    May 10th, 2017

    Topic groups cover knowledge needed to promote recovery. The office staff are friendly and efficient. The meals incredible and staff hospitality welcoming. Counselling is a valuable experience. DARA is a positive environment, I have gained an amazing amount of knowledge, and made friends with inspirational people.

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  2. User Score


    March 31st, 2016 Wilmington, DE

    I don’t understand the negative reviews. When I was at DARA the only people that complained were those who expected to be spoon fed their recovery – which begins with the addict, not the counsellor. I had an incredible experience and found the staff fantastic. They treat you like an adult and expect you to behave in kind.

    I tried to explain my time in rehab
    But they won’t know, know, know…
    When I got back, I said it was whack
    But they say so, so, so
    They don’t get the time,
    Not like the new friends of mine…
    I tried to explain my time in rehab
    But they won’t know, know, know
    I’d rather be at process
    But I ain’t got another 28 days
    And there’s nothing I can teach them
    They need Nadine, Luke and Ray….
    I didn’t always get to class
    But I learnt joy don’t come in a shot glass
    My friends said “do you think you’re different back here?”
    I said “I got no idea, I don’t wanna, wanna lose my sanity
    So I always keep my note book near”
    They said “I just think you’re depressed”
    ‘Dis Nadine “yeah baby, and the rest.”
    I don’t ever want to drink again
    And I sure, sure do miss my friends
    And while we spent those weeks
    Don’t expect everyone to assume you’re on the mend
    But now I have my pride
    I know who I am inside
    I tried to explain my time in rehab
    But they won’t know, know, know…
    When I got back, I said it was whack
    But they say so, so, so
    They don’t get the time,
    Not like the new friends of mine…
    I tried to explain my time in rehab
    But they won’t know, know, know

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  3. User Score


    March 30th, 2016 Newport Beach, CA

    When I left DARA, I felt the best I had,
    In a very long time, I wasn’t sad,
    I felt strong in my mind, and emotionally,
    I walked out of DARA, a complete new me. —-

    There was a time, I would use,
    There was a time, I’d abuse,
    The drugs and, dangerous alcohol,
    I lost my respect; and my soul.
    I was at a point of, desire straights,
    Even though I had, lots of mates,
    I just couldn’t seem, to control myself,
    And I was losing, all my weath.
    I had almost, lost it all,
    My life had been, 1 big ball,
    Now it had got, really bad,
    I just woke up, really sad.
    I decided to go, change my life,
    And get myself, out of strife,
    I then found DARA, on the net,
    This is a choice, I won’t regret.
    DARA was the best choice, I had made,
    All their counselors, came to my aid,
    Changed my life, and how I thought,
    And it was a new life, that I sought.

    When I left DARA, I felt the best I had,
    In a very long time, I wasn’t sad,
    I felt strong in my mind, and emotionally,
    I walked out of DARA, a complete new me.

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  4. User Score


    March 24th, 2016 Los Angeles, CA

    Dara provided me with an opportunity to pause and reflect on my life, which was invaluable in enabling personal improvement and self development. Set in a uxorious setting Dara also focuses on stress management, physical well-being and spiritual growth. I owe you my life guys! Thank you so much!

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  5. User Score


    March 3rd, 2016

    I was a returning client, and had a very good experience there in 2014, staff were professional and experienced. However, latest return in late 2015 the place had changed significantly, staff very poorly skilled, and uninterested, mainly non western staff. No structure or rules, and very unsafe practices. Most of the clients had no respect for the management who were clueless and more interested in themselves, or last nights activities. A lot of clients were drinking and using. I will not be returning if I ever need follow up, as the place has become tarnished.

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