The Black Bear Rehab facilities are tucked in the mountains of Georgia and filled with rich Native American history. This history adds to the overall healing effect that this rehab center can have on its patrons. Those suffering from addictions will get full-service treatment to help all sides of the disease, including any mental health issues. Black Bear Rehab is a part of the Foundations Recovery Network and practices the same award-winning recovery system to help as many patrons as possible. That said, the facility carries some exclusions customers should be aware of.

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The Good

  • Referral Programs
  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Mediation Services

Referral Programs

Not every person who is in need of help with their addictions or other issues will be a good fit for the programs offered at Black Bear Rehab. If that is the case, the staff at Black Bear can still help by referring that person to another program that might work better for them. This facility is a part of a larger recovery network that helps a variety of issues, so Black Bear staff can easily help point the patron in the direction of a better program.

Evidence-Based Practice

The systems used to help patrons through their addictions and mental health issues have been developed after extensive research. Black Bear Rehab uses a technique called motivational interviewing that allows the patron to work towards life-long change at their own pace. This has been seen to have more long-term effects and better overall sobriety.

Mediation Services

Often, the person suffering from the addiction is not the one who is seeking treatment. Instead it is a loved one trying to help. The difficulty comes in getting the addict to agree to treatment, this is where Black Bear Rehab can help families in ways other treatment facilities cannot. Their resource network includes family intervention and mediators who specialize in these types of situations. That extra help can make all the difference towards the first steps to recovery.

The Bad

  • Lack of insurance information
  • Treatment Exclusions

Lack of Insurance Information

Fortunately, Black Bear Rehab does accept medical insurance to help patrons and their families pay for the treatments offered. But like many of the other rehab facilities across the industry, Black Bear Rehab does not provide a lot of information about exactly what is accepted and covered upfront. The patron, or their loved one, will have to make a call to the admissions office and go through an initial evaluation in order to get this specific information. This process may take up valuable time that is not available.

Treatment Exclusions

There is no rehab facility that would be able to treat every addict, whether that be because of the number of available positions or the lack of training/specialty for a specific problem. But Black Bear Rehab has several exclusions to their program that limit the number of addicts that can be helped. These include exclusions for certain medical equipment that may be necessary for the addict or the severity of the detoxification process that will have to happen to begin treatment.

Patrons will also be excluded from the treatment program if they are not able to care for themselves or have reasonable control. These exclusions are understandable and make the whole facility more successful and safe. But they definitely limit the type of addicts who can receive help from Black Bear Rehab.

The Bottom Line

Addictions are always a complex problem with many facets that must all be addressed in order for the addict to have a chance at full-recovery and sobriety. Black Bear Rehab works to be able to address all of these issues and any concurring diagnosis that may stem from or contribute to the overall addiction. The staff at this facility has been trained in evidence-based treatment plans that have been proven to be successful, giving the addict the best chance.

As with the majority of the industry, the cost and insurance coverage information is not available and those seeking treatment will have to do more research. But overall, Black Bear Rehab offers solid rehab techniques with the main goal of life-long changes and sobriety.

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