Located in San Diego, California, the AtoN Center’s facilities are geared especially toward recovering patients. Not only is it near the ocean, a calming atmosphere in and of itself; it has areas around the center for recreational activities and offers a variety of treatments to help patients become whole again.


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The Good

  • Variety of programs
  • Aftercare services

Variety of Programs

One of the most prominent advantages of being a patient of AtoN Center is the access you have to its wide array of programs, which include the following:

  • The 12-step model
  • The non-12-step model (which focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy and practices like meditation)
  • Holistic treatment (which includes activities like yoga and acupuncture)
  • Family therapy sessions

Aftercare Services

AtoN Center offers aftercare services so that its patients can receive help even after they’ve completed the program.

The Bad

  • Housing limits
  • No intervention services

Housing Limits

One downside to this center is that it limits its facilities to housing only 12 clients. That means the chances of getting a room is very restricted, and even if you do get admitted, you will be among a very small group of fellow patients. For some people, that can be a negative experience.

No Intervention Services

Another limitation of this organization is that it does not provide intervention services itself. However, it can refer you to an intervention specialist that can help.

In particular, the AtoN Center is unique for emphasizing holistic practices and letting patients choose which program meets their needs. That flexibility, among other perks, is a major draw for a variety of clients and helps you make your recovery very personal and hopefully more successful.

Even the discharge process is particular to the patient. While going through treatment, you will work with someone to establish a plan for transitioning back to real life. But you will continue to receive support and contact from counselors to help you stay sober and confident.

That being said, this is a great program for people who want flexibility. But the Center does limit its facilities to a small amount of patients. If that doesn’t deter you from applying for admission, and if you can land a spot with it, you will likely find hope and help through its many services.

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