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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Based in San Diego, California, AToN is a drug rehab facility accredited by The Joint Commission and features numerous services to assist in addiction recovery. Considered a luxury treatment facility, AToN also provides holistic services such as massage, yoga, personal training, and acupuncture in conjunction with detox services, cognitive behavioral therapy, and daily individual and group therapy sessions. AToN reports high success and satisfaction rates among its previous clients and utilizes multiple methods to meet clients' needs. There is limited enrollment at the AToN Center and detailed pricing information is not shared on the company's website.

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The Good

  • High success and satisfaction
  • Insurance verification online
  • Multiple treatment programs

High Success and Satisfaction

AToN claims that it is difficult to calculate accurate success rates and suggest that its online success rates should be interpreted cautiously. With that said, compared to the national average, the success achieved at the AToN Center is well above the national benchmark. The national benchmark shows a 38% achieved sobriety within 6 to 12 months post-rehab compared to 64% achieved sobriety in the same time period once completing rehab at the AToN Center. Patient satisfaction, as conducted through Resident Satisfaction Surveys also shows that on a 4-point scale, the Center achieves close to 4's on almost every component of the program.

Insurance Verification Online

Another great feature of the AToN Center is that you can pre-verify your insurance benefits and coverage on the Center's website. The Center will then contact you directly once insurance verification has been received and discuss your options. The facility accepts most PPO insurance.

Multiple Treatment Programs

The AToN Center believes that a single approach doesn't necessarily meet the needs of every patient who is seeking recovery. Because of this, the Center utilizes multiple methods some of which include the 12-Step program, holistic treatment services, and non-12-Step programs like SMART Recovery. The Center also provides daily individual and group therapies as well as cognitive behavioral therapy orientations.

The Bad

  • Limited pricing online
  • Limited program
  • Exclusion criteria

Limited Pricing Online

The AToN Center lists a 2015 financial agreement online which shares some of the costs required for treatment. For example, if detox services are required, it will cost an additional $200 per day. If a resident requests a private room, a reservation fee costing $15,000 for a 30-day period is mandatory. A normal daily rate or short stay daily rate is not listed. It is recommend to contact the Center directly to learn more about your pricing options.

Limited Program

The AToN Center is a private drug rehabilitation program that is limited to 24 clients and up to 6 clients per residence. If you are interested in getting treatment at AToN, then it is recommended to contact the Center directly so as to get qualified and to see how long of a wait there is to be admitted. This may be problematic if you are looking for a treatment facility with plenty of room and quick, easy admittance.

Exclusion Criteria

AToN lists its admission and exclusion criterion on its website. Some of the exclusion criteria include patients who have an eating disorder, active psychosis, chronic pain condition, intellectual or developmental disability, exhibit dangerous behavior, refusal to comply with program procedures, and requires immediate medical evaluation or high intensity medical care.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a luxury drug rehabilitation facility with multiple methods for assisting in addiction recovery, then AToN Center should meet your needs. All staff are licensed doctors and the Center has achieved accreditation on quality from The Joint Commission. Keep in mind that the Center accepts a limited enrollment and there are some exclusion criteria for clients. Detailed pricing information is not listed online but a quick call can provide you with a cost evaluation and insurance coverage verification.
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