For almost two decades, Assisted Recovery Centers of Georgia has been helping addicts recover from these addictions by focusing on the changes that occur in the brain from substance abuse, as well as taking advantage of psychological evaluations and counseling to get to the root of the problems. This combination of treatment options has proven very successful for both the inpatient and outpatient patrons who have gone through ARC's recovery programs.

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The Good

  • High success rate
  • Intervention services

High Success rate

Since every addiction is different and every patron of a rehab facility will have very varied experiences, it is rare when a treatment facility will give a possibility for success rate. But Assisted Recover Centers of Georgia has had success rates that are 5 to 6 times higher than other rehab facilities across the country. This information is helpful for those who are researching options and curious about how these treatment plans really work.

Intervention Services

One of the most difficult parts of an addiction recovery process can often be the very beginning; getting the addict to agree to treatment. This is why the intervention services offered by ARC of Georgia are so beneficial to these support systems. The trained professionals can help navigate this difficult time and be there for all sides of the addiction.

The Bad

  • Upfront payment required
  • No inpatient services
  • Limited treatment options

Upfront Payment Required

Similar to many of the treatment facilities across the industry, the procedures and process followed by Assisted Recover Centers of Georgia are mostly covered by insurance companies. This is a huge benefit to patrons and their loved ones as participating can often be very expensive. But Assisted Recovery Centers of Georgia does require the patron (or their loved ones) to pay for half of the treatment upfront before the patron can begin the recovery process. That could potentially be a huge expense and even though it would be reimbursed by the insurance company, an addict or their family may not have the necessary resources.

No Inpatient Services

After the initial detox phase of the recovery process, it does not appear that Assisted Recovery Centers of Georgia offer any inpatient services. All of the counseling services are deemed as outpatient. This is a downside for treatment because the addict will have to go back and forth between the facility and their reality, which might make focusing on recovery difficult. This is an unusual practice across the industry and may not be ideal for many situations.

Limited Treatment Options

All of the addicts who go through the recovery program at Assisted Recovery Centers of Georgia will have a similar treatment plan (catered to the exact substance that has been abused). Each addict will be monitored by a physician and given other medications that will help ease the withdrawal symptoms and decrease the addiction. This type of treatment (with accompanying counseling) is the basis of this rehab facility, so if the addict or their loved ones do not want to use this type of method, they will have to find a different facility.

The Bottom Line

The treatment plans offered by Assisted Recovery Centers of Georgia using FDA-approved medications to aid in the detox process are very unique across the industry. These options may not be what the addict or their loved ones want out of a treatment program since they are so specified. But according to ARC of Georgia, these procedures have a lot of success and help many addicts on their road to recovery and sobriety. This facility would be best for addicts who are in the area and can easily travel to the offices for continued treatments.

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