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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
American Addiction Centers is a recovery center that specializes in dual diagnosis, the 12-step philosophy, and is research based. Because they are Three-Year CARF accredited, American Addiction Centers has the highest level of accreditation afforded to an addiction recovery center. According to CARF, American Addiction Centers has substantial evidence that the programs and services it offers benefits the clients. With a staff of professionals including advocates, medical doctors, resident nurses, Board-certified psychiatrists, registered dietitians, licensed counselors, therapists, and social workers, to licensed personal trainers and professional chefs, American Addiction Centers helps to empower its clients, their families and the community around them.

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The Good

  • Co-occuring care
  • Multiple treatment centers
  • Unique treatments for first responders
  • Financial guide

Co-Ocurring Care

American Addiction Centers offers all of the standard treatments for drug and alcohol addictions as well as treatments for co-occuring care, which is a substance abuse disorder in combination with a mental illness (depression, PTSD, anxiety, OCD, etc.). Because this disorder is challenging to treat, many centers don't treat this type. American Addiction Centers not only treats this disorder, but details how they treat it and what this type of disorder looks like.

Multiple Treatment Centers

American Addiction Centers has multiple treatment centers across the US, from Hollywood, Florida to Laguna Beach, CA. Numbering 11 centers, not including the Townsend Treatment Centers that are eight centers throughout Louisiana. Because of the amount of treatment centers and the area that they cover, almost anyone can find a treatment center near their home and family.

Unique Treatments for First Responders

Not only does American Addiction Centers offer drug and alcohol rehab, but it also offers rehabilitation for firefighters and law enforcement personnel. Because the program services are offered by the National Volunteer Fire Council as part of the member benefit package, these services come at no cost to members of the NVFC or their immediate family. The services for both packages focus on alcohol and drug abuse, relationship problems, mental health disorders, critical incidents, legal problems, work related concerns, and stress.

Financial Guide

Because finances are one of the most difficult aspects in starting rehab, the American Addiction Centers offers a financial guide that explains the average cost of rehab, insurance information, and more.

The Bad

  • Limited treatments
  • Poor online transparency
  • Confusing website

Limited Treatments

Because each of the centers are relatively small, they only offer a few programs and do not include eating disorders as a service. Though they do also have some unique programs and a aftercare service, they also do not include out-patient services, which means you have to live in the center while receiving care.

Poor Online Transparency

Despite the fact that they have plenty of research and information on each of the types of disorders that they treat, they don't list what their success rates are, the true cost of their services, or more details about their services. Though they have lots of online research and information, it doesn't change the fact that they don't list their success rates, which is worrisome, especially because most rehab centers won't list their success rates if they are low.

Confusing Website

Though they have lots of research about withdrawal and treatment on their website (possibly making up for the lack of research on their own company), their website has too much information for the average consumer, making it difficult to determine the important from the non-important.

The Bottom Line

In the end, American Addiction Centers is a good option for thorough care for those struggling with co-occuring disorders, as well as a drug and alcohol addiction. Though they do have limited treatments, poor online transparency, and a confusing website, they seem to have good personnel and lots of centers across the US, meaning there's a center near almost anyone needing treatment. They also include specialized treatment for firefighters and law enforcement personnel, which is a great option for those struggling with stress, addiction or otherwise. Overall, American Addiction Centers is a good option for those struggling with addiction, especially in the law enforcement and firefighting professions.
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