Alpha Home is a drug rehabilitation center located in San Antonio, Texas. They provide three different locations, two for residential treatment and one for outpatient services. With both inpatient and outpatient programs, they help patients of varying degrees of addictions.


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The Good

  • Gender-specific residential treatment. One unique aspect of Alpha Home’s residential program is that it’s only for women. This program uses the 12-step recovery model to help these women work through substance abuse, providing resources like anger management classes, art therapy, and individual therapy. With groups, patients can also make plans to avoid relapses and set goals to accomplish anything that courts or families may have asked them to do while in rehab.
  • An outpatient option for both genders. While Alpha Home’s residential center is for women, their outpatient services cater to both men and women. This also uses the 12-step recovery model and includes individual therapy sessions.

Both the inpatient and outpatient recovery programs help individuals work toward becoming stable and independent. With the support of counselors and fellow patients, they can avoid feeling alone and work toward their goals.

The Bad

Perhaps the most prominent downside to Alpha Home’s residential program is that it excludes male patients. Since this treatment caters to only women, men are left to recover through their outpatient program or with another organization altogether.

In addition, Alpha Home does not offer onsite detoxification. They do provide some medical assessment and have a clinic where patients can get some help. But as far detoxing, which is a difficult and sometimes fearful part of recovery, they do not get help from Alpha Home.

They also don’t help intervene to get a patient to come to their facility. While they will give some advice to families who want a family member to start rehabilitation, the organization itself won’t come out and professionally intervene.

The Bottom Line

Alpha Home is a particularly wonderful option for female patients who need drug rehabilitation. Their outpatient services are great for both women and men, but residential treatment is of course a more intense program and is geared specifically toward women and the goals they have as patients.

That being said, this program isn’t a great option for men who need more intense drug rehabilitation, and it is not a good option for patients who would need intervention or detox services. But for female clients who would value the 12-step recovery model and the support of both individual counselors and support groups, Alpha Home is a recommended facility.

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