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Addiction Solutions of South Florida offers its patrons a unique perspective for their addiction recovery journey as a recovering addict founded it. Dan Callahan has been successfully sober for more than 26 years after a long alcohol addiction. Each patron will have the opportunity to utilize The Break Free Plan, which offers customizable and personalized counseling. This process is designed to be more complete and thorough than many options at other facilities. The state of the art facility in South Florida has been designed completely with the patron in mind to make the entire process as smooth as possible.

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The Good

  • Aftercare Options
  • The Break Free Plan

Aftercare Options

While the detox program that a patron goes through is a very important step on the road to recovery, it is not the only or most essential step. Often after someone has gone through an addiction recovery program and is back to their regular life, they have problems staying clean and not relapsing. This is why Addiction Solutions of South Florida puts a large emphasis on aftercare.

Each patron is assigned a Solutions Facilitator during their stay that will help them after they have completed the program. This staff member will travel home with the patron to help with the reintegration process and make sure the patron's support system understands how best to help. This service is unique among other rehab centers and helps more patrons be successful in the long-term.

The Break Free Plan

These aftercare options are a part of The Break Free Plan that set Solutions Recovery Center apart from other rehab facilities. The Break Free Plan outlines the individualized treatment plan for each patron who goes through the program. Each person is assigned an individual counselor, therapist, and addiction recovery facilitators, which is the "triangle offense." Addiction Solutions of South Florida believes this "triangle offense" gives addicts the best chance at long-term recovery as the solutions offered are personalized and will get to the real root of the problem.

The Bad

  • Lack of upfront program information
  • Limited program options

Lack of Upfront Program Information

Addiction recovery programs are often a very expensive investment and can be an important factor in the decision of which facility to use. The cost for the services offered by Addiction Solutions of South Florida is not disclosed to those who are researching their (or their loved one's) options. Also, it is not available which insurance companies are accepted and will cover the costs of the program. These two pieces of information are very important to know before and would help those trying to choose a facility make a more informed decision.

Unfortunately, those researching options will have to fill out forms and speak to customer service agents in order to get a better idea of what they or their loved one can expect. Often, those using these programs are on a time-sensitive path and need all of the information as quickly as possible. It should be said that this lack of upfront information is not uncommon among rehab facilities.

Limited Program Options

Though The Break Free Plan offers customers an individualized plan that will be catered to their exact issues and situation, Addiction Solutions of South Florida has a lack of programs available. Many addictions come from specific issues; like PTSD or other such experiences. Some rehab facilities work with specific groups who have experienced the same type of trauma that has lead to addictions. When this is the case, the counselors and other staff members gain a better, deeper understanding of those underlying issues and can help patrons through them more fully.

While the Break Free Plan does help patrons individually, staff members may not have the same understandings as other facilities that are more specific.

The Bottom Line

Those addicts who need very personalized help to work through a recovery program and overcome their addictions will benefit greatly from the options at Addiction Solutions of South Florida. The "triangle offense" allows the staff members to focus on a small number at a time to really work through the deep issues and have the most success. Though more in-depth research and an introductory application process will have to be completed in order to get all of the necessary information, the Solutions Recover Center is a great options for detox and addiction recovery.

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