Acadiana Addiction Center is located in Lafayette, Louisiana. As a drug rehabilitation center, it encourages its patients to treat not just their bodies by also their minds and their spirits. Its emphasis on the holistic aspects of recovery are not unique to it but help define the way it treats its patients—and the way its patients view themselves.


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The Good

  • Family support
  • Insurance

Family Support

One defining characteristic of Acadiana is the amount of importance it places on family involvement in the process of an individual’s recovery. While it is ultimately up to a patient to decide how closely he or she will follow program guidelines and how important it is to stay sober, the individual’s support system plays a crucial role in that success. That being said, Acadiana provides several ways for families to stay involved in the recovery, including a three-day therapy program and weekly support groups.

Program Lengths

Acadiana offers program lengths ranging from 30 to 90 days, which gives patients the ability to choose a program length that meets their needs.

The Bad

  • Gender-specific facilities
  • 12-step recovery model

Gender-Specific Facilities

Another defining feature of Acadiana’s treatment program is that it separates male and female patients. It is not the only organization to approach recovery this way, but this is still an important part of its program. Male patients recover in one facility while female patients recover in another. This can be considered a pro or a con, depending on the individual. Some people might find it very helpful not to worry about gender roles during their recovery, while others might find it imbalanced not to have a normal ratio of men and women around them and in their support groups. Both genders’ perspectives can be helpful during recovery groups.

12-Step Recovery Model

Another feature that can be seen as either a pro or a con is the fact that Acadiana implements the 12-step model in its recovery program. For a lot of people, the 12-step program is a lifesaver with all the perfect components to help them recover. But for others, this model is limiting and even conflicts with their personal views.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, whether or not Acadiana is the right program will depend on a client’s preferences. For example, for people who prefer the 12-step model, don’t mind gender separation, and appreciate the emphasis on family involvement, Acadiana could be the perfect fit. But for patients who need the perspectives of both genders in their recovery and who need something other than the 12-step model, Acadiana may feel restrictive.

That being said, patients who do use the services of Acadiana will work with an organization that treats its clients with respect and heavily advocates the support of their families in recovery. Acadiana may have certain limitations with its programs, but like many other drug rehabilitation centers, it wants to work hard to achieve patients’ success.

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