A Forever Recovery is a rehabilitation center located in Battle Creek, Michigan. Among other things, it helps patients work through drug addiction and adapt its programs to individual needs. In particular, it is highly recommended for its detoxification services and individualized terms of treatment.

In business since 2008, A Forever Recovery, is a drug treatment program in Battle Creek, Michigan. A Forever Recovery is CARF accredited and uses its tranquil setting to assist in drug recovery. Clients can select different tracks in their recovery, those include: Faith Based, Self Help, Cognitive, Holistic, and Indigenous Path. Although pricing information is not included on the company’s website, A Forever Recovery accepts most major insurance policies and usually gets better coverage from PPO type plans.

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The Good

  • Relaxing facility
  • CARF-accredited
  • Multiple treatment tracks

Relaxing Facility

A Forever Recovery is a 60,000 square foot facility overlooking a private lake in Battle Creek, Michigan. The company believes that this tranquil setting allows its clients to relax and be in the right place of mind for recovery. The facility doesn’t have a clinical feel and incorporates warm tones throughout. Although you cannot view the facilities online, A Forever Recovery does include a fitness center, media center, dining area, meditation areas, game room, and a music and art center.


A Forever Recovery is proud of its CARF accreditation and lists it throughout its website. A CARF accreditation means the facility adheres to the highest quality standards for its clients. The CARF accreditation, which focuses on rehabilitation services, states that all people should be treated with respect and be able to exercise informed choice.

Multiple Treatment Tracks

A unique feature of A Forever Recovery is that is offers five different track options to meet clients’ needs, those include, Faith Based, Self Help, Cognitive, Holistic, and Indigenous Path. The Faith Based track allows clients to use their Christian faith in the recovery process. The Self Help track allows clients to participate in self-help support groups. The Cognitive track helps clients to find recovery through identifying triggers and cognitive processes. The Holistic track incorporates yoga, martial arts, and other relaxation sessions. The Indigenous track combines the 12-Step program with traditional Native American teachings. The benefit of having multiple tracks is that you can cater your experience to your belief system and what will resonate best with you and your needs.

The Bad

  • Pricing not available online
  • Limited information online
  • Lack of reviews

Pricing Not Available Online

Pricing specifics cannot be found on A Forever Recovery’s website. When evaluating and comparing the many drug treatment centers available to you, this makes it difficult to understand your options without contacting the treatment facility for more information. You can contact A Forever Recovery 24/7 to receive answers to your questions and to learn more about your insurance coverage, which will offset the cost of treatment.

A Forever Recovery is committed to providing an affordable treatment program and wants to help as many people as it can to receive the care that is needed, despite financial obstacles. If you do not have insurance, other financial agreements can be made.

Limited Information Online

While A Forever Recovery has a substantial website, it does not provide “nitty gritty” information for prospective clients. Some of these missing elements include, detailed pictures of the facility and accommodations, lengths of stay, and what a normal day would look like in each program track. Because of this, it is difficult to evaluate if A Forever Recovery will meet your addiction recovery needs without seeking out further information from the company.

Lack Of Reviews

A Forever Recovery lists that it has received a 4 star rating based on 45 reviews, without providing a link or list of those 45 reviews. The company’s website also lacks a testimonial section. Learning the experience of past clients can be a deciding factor in choosing the best drug treatment facility for your needs. However, four reviews are shared on the BBB’s website giving the company a split Positive/Neutral customer pulse.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a tranquil setting for your drug treatment needs, then A Forever Recovery is worth looking into. From its many track options, to its CARF accreditation, you can rest assured that A Forever Recovery prides itself on quality service. However, the company is missing pricing information, customer testimonials, average length of stay, and detailed facility pictures, which may detract in your evaluation of potential drug treatment facilities. We recommend contacting the company’s toll-free number to learn more about your insurance coverage and to answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is insurance accepted for treatment at A Forever Recovery?

Yes, most insurances are accepted. You can call the toll-free number to quickly get pre-qualified.

How much does the program cost?

Pricing information is not available on the company’s website. You will need to contact A Forever Recovery to learn more about your pricing options.

What is the length of stay for a patient at A Forever Recovery?

The length of stay will vary based on client needs.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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  1. User Score


    January 19th, 2017 Alma, MI

    I went to A Forever Recovery to get help with a drug problem I’ve had since I was 16. I had been to other rehabs before and none of them were able to help me the way AFR did. The staff there are unbelievable amazing. Having someone to talk to who actually understands what you’re dealing with, not just saying they understand helps more than you can imagine. You don’t feel as if you’re being judged for the things you did when you were getting high. Having that makes AFR a safe environment where you get the help you need. Going to AFR changed my life. For the first time since I started using drugs I’m enjoying my life again. I didn’t think I could be this happy or have this much fun without drugs. My relationships with my dad just gets better and better. We can talk again and it isn’t a strained conversation about me getting high or the rehabs he thinks I should look at. My dad was the one who found A Forever Recovery and set everything up for me to go there and I’m so grateful that he found the facility and convinced me to give rehab another try. I’m clean today because of the work he put into finding me a facility that would be able to help me.

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  2. User Score


    September 21st, 2016 Alma, MI

    Having my daughter go through the program at A Forever Recovery was the best decision I could have made regarding her treatment for drug abuse. She has been in and out of rehabs since she started using heroin. The thing with my daughter though is that she tries to stay clean. After every rehab she went to when she graduated and came home she would try so hard to stay clean. The sheer effort and willpower it was taking just to simply not use drugs was making her miserable. Her drug addiction was wearing on everyone and this last time she relapsed we started looking for something different. When we found A Forever Recovery it was the perfect solution. The program at AFR is different from every other program she’s ever been to. Having different treatment options seems so smart to me and yet it’s the other rehab my daughter’s been to that has had different options. My daughter was able to choose the recovery path she wanted to take and that she thought would be most beneficial to her. It made a huge difference with her right from the start. She was really able to take charge of her own recovery. I really appreciate that facility is in a secluded area. Knowing that she doesn’t have temptation right outside the door really eased my mind while she was there. My daughter graduated from the program 6 months ago. This is the longest she has stayed clean and sober. She’s still working on her recovery and still talks to the counselors at AFR when she has a tough day and yet she’s not miserable in her effort to stay clean and sober. She’s happy and healthy and doing what she needs to in order to ensure she stays clean and sober. I’m incredibly impressed with the way A Forever Recovery handled my daughter. I highly recommend A Forever Recovery if there’s someone you need to send to treatment for drug or alcohol abuse. The program along with the staff there really changed my daughter’s life to such a drastic degree that some days I can’t believe how well my daughter is doing now.

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