A Forever Recovery is a rehabilitation center located in Battle Creek, Michigan. Among other things, they help patients work through drug addiction and adapt their programs to individual needs. In particular, they are highly recommended for their detoxification services and individualized terms of treatment.


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The Good

  • Detoxification. A Forever Recovery isn’t the only organization to offer onsite detox. But they do an excellent job of describing exactly what a patient can expect during this part of recovery. During this time, they conduct extensive medical tests such as a urinalysis and tests for your blood levels to establish what kind of treatment you even need. After that, they monitor your detox for however long it lasts and amp up your vitamin and mineral levels. In short, they strive to keep you informed and relaxed during what is, for many people, an extremely difficult part of recovery.
  • Length of treatment. Unlike some rehab centers, A Forever Recovery also lets you, the patient, determine how long you need to stay in the program. Whether you need only a month of treatment or several months, they believe you can decide what will help you recover.
  • Types of programs. A Forever Recovery provides several options for a program that meets your needs. Not only will they offer the popular 12-step recovery model; you can also choose from a Christian-based treatment, a cognitive approach, holistic practices, self-help, and even Native American practices. They respect the individual patient and strive to make it possible for a variety of patients to recover with them.

The Bad

For some clients, it can be a disadvantage for a recovery center to cater to so many different individuals. For example, patients who prefer a Christian-based approach might want to work with a company that specializes in that approach, not just offers in on a platter with several other options. Similarly, someone who believes that holistic practices will help them the most in their recovery might want to attend a facility where only holistic practices are emphasized—not to throw them into a mix with faith-based approaches or the 12-step model.

Furthermore, some patients need a more regimented program, so this one might feel too loose for them. They may want to know exactly how long they can expect to attend a program and how discharge will look from the beginning. That being said, it can be a disadvantage that A Forever Recovery leaves this decision up to the patient.

The Bottom Line

All in all, A Forever Recovery has its pros and cons, but it has an excellent reputation and still strives to cater to a variety of patients. And aside from helping patients with drug addictions, they also tend to sex addictions, gambling addictions, eating disorders, and many other needs.

If you prefer a regimented program with a company that specializes in their recovery approach, A Forever Recovery may not be the right choice for you, as they are a bit more flexible than most companies. However, if you would enjoy the flexibility and individualized options that A Forever Recovery offers, they might be a wonderful option to help you overcome your addiction and become whole again.

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    September 21st, 2016 Alma, MI

    Having my daughter go through the program at A Forever Recovery was the best decision I could have made regarding her treatment for drug abuse. She has been in and out of rehabs since she started using heroin. The thing with my daughter though is that she tries to stay clean. After every rehab she went to when she graduated and came home she would try so hard to stay clean. The sheer effort and willpower it was taking just to simply not use drugs was making her miserable. Her drug addiction was wearing on everyone and this last time she relapsed we started looking for something different. When we found A Forever Recovery it was the perfect solution. The program at AFR is different from every other program she’s ever been to. Having different treatment options seems so smart to me and yet it’s the other rehab my daughter’s been to that has had different options. My daughter was able to choose the recovery path she wanted to take and that she thought would be most beneficial to her. It made a huge difference with her right from the start. She was really able to take charge of her own recovery. I really appreciate that facility is in a secluded area. Knowing that she doesn’t have temptation right outside the door really eased my mind while she was there. My daughter graduated from the program 6 months ago. This is the longest she has stayed clean and sober. She’s still working on her recovery and still talks to the counselors at AFR when she has a tough day and yet she’s not miserable in her effort to stay clean and sober. She’s happy and healthy and doing what she needs to in order to ensure she stays clean and sober. I’m incredibly impressed with the way A Forever Recovery handled my daughter. I highly recommend A Forever Recovery if there’s someone you need to send to treatment for drug or alcohol abuse. The program along with the staff there really changed my daughter’s life to such a drastic degree that some days I can’t believe how well my daughter is doing now.

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