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A Forever Recovery is a rehabilitation center located in Battle Creek, Michigan. Among other things, it helps patients work through drug addiction and adapt its programs to individual needs. In particular, it is highly recommended for its detoxification services and individualized terms of treatment.In business since 2008, A Forever Recovery, is a drug treatment program in Battle Creek, Michigan. A Forever Recovery is CARF accredited and uses its tranquil setting to assist in drug recovery. Clients can select different tracks in their recovery, those include: Faith Based, Self Help, Cognitive, Holistic, and Indigenous Path. Although pricing information is not included on the company's website, A Forever Recovery accepts most major insurance policies and usually gets better coverage from PPO type plans.

The Good

  • Relaxing facility
  • CARF-accredited
  • Multiple treatment tracks

Relaxing Facility

A Forever Recovery is a 60,000 square foot facility overlooking a private lake in Battle Creek, Michigan. The company believes that this tranquil setting allows its clients to relax and be in the right place of mind for recovery. The facility doesn't have a clinical feel and incorporates warm tones throughout. Although you cannot view the facilities online, A Forever Recovery does include a fitness center, media center, dining area, meditation areas, game room, and a music and art center.


A Forever Recovery is proud of its CARF accreditation and lists it throughout its website. A CARF accreditation means the facility adheres to the highest quality standards for its clients. The CARF accreditation, which focuses on rehabilitation services, states that all people should be treated with respect and be able to exercise informed choice.

Multiple Treatment Tracks

A unique feature of A Forever Recovery is that is offers five different track options to meet clients' needs, those include, Faith Based, Self Help, Cognitive, Holistic, and Indigenous Path. The Faith Based track allows clients to use their Christian faith in the recovery process. The Self Help track allows clients to participate in self-help support groups. The Cognitive track helps clients to find recovery through identifying triggers and cognitive processes. The Holistic track incorporates yoga, martial arts, and other relaxation sessions. The Indigenous track combines the 12-Step program with traditional Native American teachings. The benefit of having multiple tracks is that you can cater your experience to your belief system and what will resonate best with you and your needs.

The Bad

  • Pricing not available online
  • Limited information online
  • Lack of reviews

Pricing Not Available Online

Pricing specifics cannot be found on A Forever Recovery's website. When evaluating and comparing the many drug treatment centers available to you, this makes it difficult to understand your options without contacting the treatment facility for more information. You can contact A Forever Recovery 24/7 to receive answers to your questions and to learn more about your insurance coverage, which will offset the cost of treatment.

A Forever Recovery is committed to providing an affordable treatment program and wants to help as many people as it can to receive the care that is needed, despite financial obstacles. If you do not have insurance, other financial agreements can be made.

Limited Information Online

While A Forever Recovery has a substantial website, it does not provide "nitty gritty" information for prospective clients. Some of these missing elements include, detailed pictures of the facility and accommodations, lengths of stay, and what a normal day would look like in each program track. Because of this, it is difficult to evaluate if A Forever Recovery will meet your addiction recovery needs without seeking out further information from the company.

Lack Of Reviews

A Forever Recovery lists that it has received a 4 star rating based on 45 reviews, without providing a link or list of those 45 reviews. The company's website also lacks a testimonial section. Learning the experience of past clients can be a deciding factor in choosing the best drug treatment facility for your needs. However, four reviews are shared on the BBB's website giving the company a split Positive/Neutral customer pulse.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a tranquil setting for your drug treatment needs, then A Forever Recovery is worth looking into. From its many track options, to its CARF accreditation, you can rest assured that A Forever Recovery prides itself on quality service. However, the company is missing pricing information, customer testimonials, average length of stay, and detailed facility pictures, which may detract in your evaluation of potential drug treatment facilities. We recommend contacting the company's toll-free number to learn more about your insurance coverage and to answer any questions you may have.


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May 18th, 2018 Redmond, WA DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

If you are looking for a rehab for yourself or someone you love, I highly recommend A Forever Recovery. I’ve only been to 1 other rehab besides AFR and yet I know that without the help I got at AFR, I wouldn’t be sober today. 9 years ago, my best friend offered me some heroin to try, I should have said no, it was incredibly stupid of me to say yes but, I was curious and wouldn’t have ever thought that I’d like it as much as I did. I loved it though and it made me not ever want to be sober. It didn’t take long until I was well and truly addicted to it. 4 years ago, my best friend of 20 years, the one who gave me heroin to try in the first place, died of an overdose. I was shocked. You wouldn’t think I’d have been but truly I almost couldn’t comprehend that she was dead because of an overdose. Before that, I knew that it was possible but I honestly didn’t think that something like that would ever happen. Her death made me realize that it didn’t matter how careful I was, dying from an overdose was a distinct possibility for me. After her funeral I asked my parents for help getting sober. They were grateful that I finally wanted to be sober and helped me find and get into rehab. Going into that first program, I thought that because I wanted to be sober, that as long as I really did my program I’d have no problem with staying clean when I left. That wasn’t the case at all. The rehab I went to was a good place, it just didn’t work for me and I wasn’t able to stay sober when I got home. I went back to that same rehab when I relapsed, mostly because it was the easiest thing to do. I already knew what to expect there, knew what the staff was like and hoped that by just doing the program again, I’d be able to stay sober. When I relapsed again, my parents started looking around for a different place for me to go. They found A Forever Recovery. AFR was perfect for me. As soon as I got there the staff were great about making sure I was comfortable and understood what was going on around me. With that and with how kind and caring the staff were, I was able to relax there and for the first time in a long time, I was hopeful again that I’d be able to really deal with my addiction. Being at AFR wasn’t easy, I worked really hard on my program and there were times when it was hard for me just to make it through the day in one piece. While being there and doing my program wasn’t easy, what was easy was working harder on my program, being there and getting through all the things I had a tough time with. With the different programs available, my counselor helped me choose a program I felt would do me the most good. I did a program that was right for me and so I got a lot more out of my program at AFR. Something else was that because there’s no time restrictions on your program at AFR, I was able to take my time doing my program, making sure each step of it was truly completed before moving on to the next. I spent 4 months at AFR and those 4 months changed my life. I graduated from AFR 6 months ago and have been sober the whole time. Since graduating, I’ve lived with my parents. Amazingly, I actually like living with them, it’s great having an actual relationship with them again and just for that I’ll forever be grateful to AFR. They’ve been really supportive of me and a great help with helping me keep my sobriety.

January 11th, 2018 DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

9 months ago, my husband went to A Forever Recovery. When I first met my husband, he told me that he was a recovering drug addict and that he’d been clean for 2 years. That was 7 years ago, and the only difference it made in our lives was the fact that my husband never drank. When his mom died 2 years ago, he was a wreck. After couple months I thought he was doing better. Turns out he had relapsed 2 months after her funeral. I had no idea. Looking back, all the signs were there that he was using again I just didn’t see them. I found out he had been using when he called me from jail telling me he had been arrested for possession. I was shocked but everything I had been noticing for the past year finally started making sense. I didn’t know what to do and ended up calling a friend of mine whose daughter had a drug problem. Figured she’d at least understand what I was going through. Instead, she told me that her daughter had been clean for a year and it was because of A Forever Recovery. She recommended I send my husband there and so I called them. The guy I talked to on the phone about sending my husband there was awesome. He worked with me to make sure I could get my husband in right away. Even after we got everything sorted out he took the time just to talk to me about the program and what my husband would be going through during it. He was able to reassure me that my husband would get the help he needed while he was there. Once my husband was there and working on his program I was still able to talk to a staff member every week to get an update on how he was doing and what he was working on. I talked to my husband all the time when he was on his program but having a counselor confirm what he was telling me was going on was something I really needed. When I found out my husband had been using for almost a year before I found out I stopped trusting him completely. It was a relief to have everything he was telling me confirmed by a staff member. Whenever I talked to my husband he had such great things to say about AFR and the staff working there. From what he’s told me it wasn’t anything like the rehabs he had been to when he was younger. The facility was clean and comfortable to be at. The counselors were knowledgeable and understanding of what he was going through and the best way to help him. Because of that, it was easy for him to talk to counselors. He was there for 6 weeks and has been doing great since he came home 7 months ago. I know I’m not anywhere close to an expert in seeing the signs of drug use and because of this he agreed to do drug tests so that I can know without a doubt that he isn’t using. He’s passed every test I’ve had him do. He also looks much better since going to AFR and in general is a much happier person and easier to be around.

Diane Robertson
August 15th, 2017 Clearwater, FL

I love A Forever Recovery. The CEO is a genius for creating such a wonderful rehabilitation center. There is nothing like the programs offered here. They are tailored for total sobriety and being clean of all addictions. It's unlike anything I've ever seen for recovering addicts. What a team of staff too! Their care level is through the roof and is a main contributing reason of why people have such success with A Forever Recovery. The facility is equipped and filled with all aspects that addicts need to never fall into drugs ever again. The education program, on top of the nutrition plan they use is phenomenal. The way they fix the effects of drugs to the body is astounding; it really does make a difference. I never knew that rehab programs could be so effective and produce such wonderful results. It absolutely showcases the ability this rehab center has in turning out clean and happy individuals to society once they finish the program. AFR does it best!

August 1st, 2017 Florence, SC

I went to AFR. Dealing with drug addiction is a real nightmare. The worst thing about drug addiction is that you never realize you are addicted until it is too late. Drug addiction affects your health and also social life. All of the other people suffering from drug addiction are a risk of facing serious problems and I hope that they can get help. People always say it is never too late to recover from drug addiction. People will help you in your walk away from the drug life. People will help you recover in all aspects of your life if you reach out for help. We are always scared of suffering from withdrawal symptoms when we try to turn around their lives. It can be scary and these withdrawal symptoms are nasty and life-threatening sometimes. They really do offer professional help to you in your recovery. The treatment is based on the individual. The thought is that by everyone is different and more from recovery can be accomplished over time by treating you as an individual. You will leave with the skills to function in the real world. So all in all A Forever Recovery is a good program with caring staff that will help you end your cycle of addiction. I think that the least I would do is to call them and see if it works for you too. I am proud of the work I put into it for myself and hope that others will feel the same way...

Steve J.
July 28th, 2017

I really appreciate A Forever Recovery and everything that they did for my brother when he was trying to vanquish his addiction problem. This treatment center helped him in ways that other treatment centers were completely incapable of doing. This recovery organization truly specialized in offering the best of the best when it came to the recovery services that he needed to win his own battle against addiction and to win it for life too. My brother had been suffering with an alcohol problem for about fifteen years, and nothing seemed to be working for him when it came to trying to beat his addiction habit. Then we found A Forever Recovery. The A Forever Recovery staff were great, the treatment center was very helpful, and my brother overall had a great experience there. He loved the treatment program itself, he loved the length of stay that he got there, and he really appreciated the ongoing help through their aftercare program. I would strongly recommend A Forever Recovery to anyone who is seeking help for themselves or a loved one struggling with an addiction problem.

Basil G.
July 14th, 2017

If you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, and you want to take a more holistic, drug-free route to getting off of drugs and alcohol, then A Forever Recovery is the program for you. I went to this treatment center because it was the only program I could find in Michigan that offered holistic recovery processes and that was as highly rated and respected as A Forever Recovery was. I wanted to get off of drugs and alcohol, but I wanted to do it in a totally all natural way. I did not want to take other drugs or medicines to get me off of the substances that I was already on. That just didn't make any sense to me. So, I went to A Forever Recovery and I am very happy that I did too. This treatment center saved my life, and I have been totally clean and sober since going there. The program uses holistic recovery methods and a wide variety of other treatment solutions within its program. I would comfortably agree that this treatment center provides top notch care to all of their clients. I would strongly recommend them to struggling addicts everywhere.

Ella James
June 23rd, 2017 New York, NY

I would like to recommend forever recovery to everyone who would like to get sober in the most effective and the most holistic way possible. They are equipped to help you detox with more natural remedies rather than pills. Of course they have nurses administering medications when it is needed. They have the detox center at the rehab, so you can do everything there, and it is also for the comfort for the patience. Once you are through the detox, you start on your 12 steps and you take part of group counseling and you also do one on one sessions. The strength of this facility is really the diversity of programs, cause you can choose not just the 12 steps but for example a faith based track. This would be ideal for those who are believers in Jesus. Or you could also do the cognitive track, for those who are non believers or who would like to benefit from understanding the triggers etc. So as you can see these are the inly options, I just listed a few. There are more, and everyone can find one that suits their believes. I have to add that the staff members are really into their job, and they really are there to help others. This is a different rehab compared to other rehab centers, because some of the staffs have been themselves through similar situations and they are really there to help others to get out of the trouble. They don't do it for the money, they do it because they honestly want to help and make you feel better, and to get back your sobriety.