Posted: | April 22, 2015

Drug Rehab

What to Look For In a Drug Rehab Facility


I would love to tell you what makes the best rehab facility but there is no correct answer. A recent survey was given by on the most important feature in a rehab facility. Over 700 participants responded with:

  • Program: 37% found this to be the most important feature
  • Accredited: 19.5% found this to be the most important feature
  • Discharge Follow Up: 18.7% found this to be the most important feature
  • Price: 14.3% found this to be the most important feature
  • On-Site Detox: 10.5% found this to be the most important feature

The choice of programs ended up being the most popular but overall the results show that people cannot agree on the most important feature. Why is that?

Easy, everyone is different. For a young runaway teenager who doesn't have money-the price of the treatment might be the biggest concern to them. For the recovering drug addict who is on their 5th treatment-discharge follow up might be the deciding factor.

One aspect of the recovery process that might be the most important of all is the will to change. Some rehab facilities will provide a professional intervention (at a cost). A professional intervention means a trained person will fly to the patient and with the help of the concerned family or friends work to show the patient how important rehab is for them.

Having this option not only helps the patient but also the family or friends trying to help. The process of approaching a loved one about rehab can create animosity and guilt to both parties. This takes that burden off of the loved one and onto the professional.

Another factor to look for would be the rules of the facility. Do they allow visitors? Do they have lights out? For some patients, it might be good to have a strict layout of day to day activities. For others, it might be the opposite.

Also, where is the location of the facility? Do you want something close to home or do you want some exotic location?

These are all factors to take into consideration when choosing a drug rehab facility. reviews and ranks top drug rehab facilities on a weighted criteria. The goal is to gather all the necessary information so that the interested consumer has everything they need to make their decision.

So, what do you look for in a drug rehab facility? Everything. All the pieces fit together to form the best option for your recovery process.


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