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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Based in Maitland, Florida, Worldwide Brands is a dropship company founded in 1999. It is one of the oldest and most experienced dropshipping companies. Worldwide Brands has a deep commitment to help customers build a business by finding and reselling a slew of products in an easy, profitable, safe and legitimate manner. With Worldwide Brands, you are connected to well-known brands and useful products. From there, you have access to selling them to interesting buyers on your own site or giants like Amazon or eBay. Worldwide Brands touts itself as providing top-level suppliers that the biggest professional retailers use. Worldwide brands also emphasizes that it is free from scams and that you can bypass middlemen and unnecessary steps and processes in order to resell the goods of your choice. In order to find wholesalers, Worldwide Brands visits tradeshows and works directly with manufacturers. The company takes the dirty work out of the process, making things simple and smooth for you. 

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The Good

  • Product Selection
  • Updated Inventory
  • International Shipping
  • Certified Suppliers
In relation to the industry itself, Worldwide Brands is a veteran and is at the forefront of dropshipping. With an incredible inventory of high-quality products, people can build a bona-fide business of reselling without worrying about hang-ups and headaches that can often accompany the selling and shipping of goods. The company has a number of respectable and enviable qualities. Some of these include the following:

Product Selection

One of the advantages of being around for a long time is that you can build up an impressive menu. That is exactly what Worldwide Brands has done. You'll be amazed at the incredible selection of brands and products you'll find. In fact, Worldwide Brands just might have more products available than any other dropship company-14 million or so. Your choices are virtually without limit. Whether it's apparel, electronics, sporting goods, tools and hardware, or any number of other things, Worldwide Brands is sure to have what items you want to resell.

Updated Inventory

The inventory is just massive but also updated regularly. This way, no one is going to purchase something from you that is out of stock. And you are never without fresh, new selections.

International Shipping

Want to entice non-U.S. or North America buyers? No problem. Worldwide Brands will ship internationally without any problems.

Certified Suppliers

Take the risk and worry out of the process by relying on Worldwide Brands and its guarantee that all suppliers are certified after a thorough process and evaluation. There are no shady characters to deal with on your end.

The Bad

  • Cost
  • Tax ID Required
  • Customer Support
  • Market Research
Worldwide Brands is a fantastic company, but it isn't perfect. When deciding whether to use it for your business, you should consider the following aspects that could use some work and improvement or things that may cause you to reconsider your choice, based on your situation:


Worldwide Brands isn't cheap. It is among the most expensive dropship companies, with a membership price tag of $299. This is, to be fair, a lifetime price, but it still makes it a steep buy. Consider carefully whether you are willing or able to front this cost or whether you would rather get comparable services for a much cheaper cost.

Tax ID Required

Suppliers will require that you have a Tax ID before they do business with you. This isn't necessarily a terribly negative thing, but be aware that this is a requirement. You must have a reselling license as well, not something everyone reselling has or that other dropship companies require.

Customer Support

Though certainly not the worst in the business, the company's customer service has some flaws. First, there is no live chat, which is in today's customer service world a near-must. If you are searching for help via e-mail, you might have to wait as long as 48 business hours for a response. While the wait time is usually not that long, the time frame is still a bit frustrating.

Market Research

Unless you are familiar with marketing and market research, Megagoods isn't going to be a choice for you. Instead, you'll be stumped with how to market your products effectively, as these tools are unavailable.

The Bottom Line

This is a difficult conclusion to come to. The company has such a remarkable array of products you can resell. It's difficult to ignore this fact and that no one else can match what Worldwide Brands offers. On the other hand the high price is troubling. The question one must ask in deciding whether to build a reselling business with Worldwide Brands is whether the price point justifies the services offered. Worldwide Brands does offer useful tools and makes the reselling job easy and quick. But is it worth the $299? To many people it wouldn't be, and you could find similar services for much cheaper. If, however, you are willing to spend a little more money for access to more products, Worldwide Brands won't disappoint. If you are concerned about price, you should look elsewhere because the value compared to price isn't there. Worldwide Brands isn't special enough to justify spending that kind of cash.
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NIlma North Babylon, NY

I've been a member of Worldwide Brands for many years. I had purchased a lift time membership when it was cheaper. We are talking about a one time fee to have access to there directory. How you use it is up to you. They do have customer service which I have called with no problem. You have to have your own website and work with the drop shippers Directly which as I can see they don't charge you monthly like some of these other companies do!!

3 years ago