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Wholesale2B considers themselves to be a leader in provision of dropship products content data, tools and services. They offer over 1.5 million dropship products by reputable wholesale suppliers.

The Good

  • Cost to Join
  • Vast Inventory
  • Tools

Cost to Join

Members may join for free, but to order products, they need to purchase a membership plan which can be paid for monthly or annually for additional savings. Wholesale 2b has several membership plans, so members can find one which will work for their needs:

  • eBay Dropship - $24.99/month
  • Amazon Dropship - $37.99/month
  • Dropship Website - $39.99/month + $47 setup
  • Dropship Feeds - $24.99/month
  • Prices lower than many of the competition
  • Guaranteed lowest dropship prices

Vast Inventory

Wholesale2B offers 25,000 categories and sub-categories which includes many products unique to Wholesale2B and not found with other dropshipping suppliers. All inventory is searchable by keyword, by UPC and by ASIN. Proactive inventory alerts are sent to members so that they can adjust their listings as needed.


Tools for members to manage their inventory and listings:

  • 240 auction design templates are available
  • Wholesale 2b provides several tutorials and helpful guides to help resellers market and sell their inventory
  • Daily updates to the top selling item reports so that resellers may track trends and offer the hottest-selling items.
  • Complete order fulfillment with delivery tracking code report

The Bad

  • Lack of Information
  • Monthly Plans

Lack of Information

Wholesale 2b does not have a lot of specific information on their website and their customer service is difficult to contact. When contacting customer service, one must do so via email or web ticket. After a wait (which can be up to three days), one can expect a response that may or may not answer their initial question. Some of the responses from customer service seem to be copy/pastes of scripts which would be better suited and more helpful in an FAQ document.

Monthly Plans

While signing up initially as a member of Wholesale 2b is free, customers must subscribe to a monthly plan before using the service to sell anything.

The Bottom Line

Even with the additional step of signing up for a membership and then selecting a billing plan, this service is reasonably priced as to their competitors. The customer service is lacking in several areas, which may be troublesome for those needing more support. Tutorials and guides are available to help new resellers market and sell their inventory.
Wholesale 2B offers a wide variety of products which can be sold on Amazon, eBay or in a webstore with templates, images and product descriptions all easily accessible for download.

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    November 14th, 2017 Bryn Mawr, PA DETAILS

    Value for your money
    Quality of product or service
    Customer Service
    Company trustworthiness


  • 0

    October 6th, 2017

    WARNING, their wholesale prices along with the shipping cost doesn't give you any opportunity to make money, if you want to price the item based on the suggested retail price or less. I will be posted this everywhere. Look them on BBB, bad rating.

  • 0

    April 1st, 2017

    Horrible service. Worst experience ever.

  • 5

    October 30th, 2015 Providence, RI

    The Amazon and eBay integration is very nice, but the prices of the products to list on any website, including your own store, would not yield a profit when wholesale2b ( wholesale prices ) are higher than the online retailer including shipping.