Founded in 2009, Product is a Los-Angeles-based dropshipping company that allows individuals to resell merchandise on personal websites or from common sites such as eBay. Product Sourcing allows you to sell you product to the buyer without having to worry about the time-consuming and sometimes stressful processes of dealing with warehousing and shipping. Instead, your suppliers will handle that aspect and make the entire procedure more pain- and worry-free. Product Sourcing lists a host of products in different categories that you can easily select on your own and place on your own site on the site of your choosing. Feel free, also to write your own product descriptions and customize according to your own pleasure. As a reseller, you can collect directly from the buyer before placing the order with Product Product Sourcing touts their service as a simple, no-hassle solution, which is consistent with the goals of the industry.


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The Good

  • Products
  • Cost
  • Inventory tools
  • Customer support
  • Shopping cart

The idea of reselling products and making a profit after costs is a growing business endeavor. Couple that with the ability to take out the middleman and eliminate unnecessary or annoying processes, and dropshipping has become a popular distribution method. Product has joined the throng and markets itself as an easy-to use service. Naturally, the company does have some intriguing aspects that appeal to prospective users and current customers.

  • Products. While other dropshipping companies do in fact provide the ability to sell a larger number of products overall, it is worth pointing out that Product Sourcing does have a nice variety to choose from. These include apparel, automotive, electronics, entertainment, health and beauty, home and garden, and kids items. Though the total quantity isn’t as high as other dropshippers, you have no shortage of types from which to choose.
  • Cost. Who doesn’t like free? Product Sourcing does offer a free membership package to get started. While there are limitations, this option is a good way to begin your reselling efforts. You can always upgrade, and doing so costs a one-time fee of $39.95. Plus, there are no restocking fees or fees of any kind to bog you down.
  • Inventory tools. Product lags behind the competition in overall tools and usability, but it does have a fine array of inventory tools to help automate this important process. When products in your store are running low, Product Sourcing sends you an alert to the fact to help you get your inventory to where it needs to be or even discontinue the items if necessary. This way, you don’t run the embarrassing risk of a buyer purchasing an out-of-stock item and having to send them back their money.
  • Customer support. The company offers live chat and telephone support options. Agents respond promptly and are knowledgeable and friendly. Phone wait times are minimal, while email responses come within 24 hours.
  • Shopping cart. The shopping cart tools allows you to use your own website to list items you desire to resell.

The entire process is simple and easy to use for anyone. Getting started is relatively hassle-free, as long as you get the help you need from customer support.

The Bad

  • Website
  • Pricing clarity
  • Tools
  • Delivery customization

While Product has some strong point, it does come far behind some other established dropshippers. It’s important to point out some of these particular areas and illustrate where the company fails to come through for you, the user. Here are some important negatives to consider:

  • Website. This may not seem to critical, but the company’s website is frankly very poor. It is difficult to gather much preliminary information from the site. For those seek initial data and ideas, be prepared to be frustrated. The site is archaic and sparse. The design is clunk and second-rate.
  • Lack of clarity in pricing. Of course, it was noted above that pricing was pro, which it is; however, note that the company doesn’t provide much information about the premium membership. Instead, all pricing information touts free of change. Only after deeper digging does one realize that in order to get the most out of the service, one has to pay. The free service doesn’t allow for access to the full product catalog, nor does it allow the user to have all the management and inventory tools and features you would need to be efficient in your efforts.
  • No website tools. If you don’t already have your own site on which to list products and conduct your business, you will be disappointed to know that Product Sourcing offers no help to you in creating a site. This is unfortunate because having an operable, effective site is critical to your business. But with Product Sourcing, you’re on your own in this area.
  • No delivery customization. Product Sourcing offers no blind shipping, nor can you customize orders according to your specifications.
  • No selling tools. There simply aren’t enough extras with this service to make it enticing. For example, there are no marketing research tools or marketing helps to assist you in moving your products. If you are new to dropshipping and reselling, you are going to be left to figure out much of these new concepts by yourself.

The Bottom Line


A cursory look at Product Sourcing might show that it is much like any other dropshipping company. It claims to do what all others in the industry do: simplify the reselling process for you by eliminating steps and processes. Furthermore, everyone likes the promise of no-cost and ease in any transaction.

Upon further examination, however, it’s clear to see that Product Sourcing misses out on far too many key ingredients that should be essential in a dropshipping company. Primarily, the selling tools are virtually absent, and the offerings as a whole are not as strong and robust as what the competition can give you.

Product Sourcing is far from a scam or a failure; you’ll be able to resell goods and products to be sure. But several other dropshippers give you a wider selection, better support and access to more effective and helpful tools to justify selecting this company for your needs.

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